Tom Cruise Starrer The Mummy Trailer Is Out Now

I just witnessed the heart-pounding trailer of Tom Cruise starrer The Mummy. The upcoming movie trailer promises yet another marathon story of Gods versus Monsters. Directed by Alex Kurtzman and written by Jon Spaihts, this is a reboot movie of The Mummy franchise.


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In the Mummy trailer, we just saw that mummy’s casket is being carried away by aeroplane. Soon the birds strike on the airplane, which costs the life of the pilots and some other soldiers. But somehow, Tom Cruise aka Nick Morton opens the parachute of her love interest Annabelle Wallis aka Jenny Halsey and saves her life. After the plane explosion, we see Tum Cruise wakes up from the dead and the Mummy, Sofia Boutella aks Ahmanet turns in to life and create a havoc situation in the city. So, as we know the duo reunites and try to save the city from Ahmanet. Well, this looks like a promising trailer and we have to wait for June 9 to witness this extraordinary battle of the Monsters Vs Gods.

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