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Priya Prakash Beats Sunny Leone, Deepika Padukone On Google With A Wink!


Priya Prakash turns out to be first Indian celebrity to have registered 6,10,000 followers on Instagram on her very first day on the platform. Earlier we reported how Priya reached to 1 Million Followers on Instagram in a record breaking time! She became overnight internet sensation through the song “Manikya Malaraya Poovi” which is a track from her debut film named Oru Adaar Love which is directed by Omar Lulu and it is scheduled to release on 3rd March 2018.

People are searching her on every possible platform to know more about her. Recently a screenshot of Google trends have been shared which show that Priya was on the top of the trend beating mega stars- Sunny Leone and Deepika Padukone.

Screenshot of Google Trends for the date 12 February, 2018.
Screenshot of Google Trends for the date 12 February, 2018.

This overnight sensation was very unexpected for Priya. Talkin about the same Priya said that, “Coming to films was a big dream of mine. But I never thought that from a single scene and a single movie, I will get recognized so much. It was all unexpected.”

Priya also expressed desire working with Padmavaat actress Deepika Padukone. Priya Prakash was quoted as saying:

“I like Deepika Padukone very much. I would like to work with her. I want to work in Bollywood films and earn fame.”

Among actors she wanna work with Ranveer Singh, Shah Rukh Khan and Sidharth Malhotra. Lets see where her wink takes to! Even in a recent tweet, Rishi Kapoor predicted a huge stardom for Priya Varrier.

Meanwhile trouble knocked the director of Oru Adaar’s door as Hyderabad Police registered a case on a complaint that the lyrics of the song had allegedly hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims. Asking Priya about the same, actress said that “I don’t know much about this. I don’t have any idea.” 

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Rishi Kapoor Predicts Huge Stardom For Priya Varrier


Most of the time Rishi Kapoor’s tweets welcome trouble and controversy for him but this time his prediction of Huge Stardom for Priya Varrier has made her millions of fans very happy. Recently Rishi Kapoor wrote on twitter what he predicts about Priya and gave her lots of blessing too.

Taking to Twitter late Friday, Rishi wrote, “I predict huge Stardom for this girl. Priya Warrier. So expressive,coy coquettish yet innocent. My dear Priya, you going to give all others in your age group a run for their money. God Bless and the best to you! Mere time mein naheen ayeen aap! Kyon? Lol.”

Priya replied, “It’s an absolute honor to be praised by the “Prince of Romance “The sort of mettle and mantle your aura infers in every artists existence will always be beyond common contention .”

Talking about her success, Priya said, “I would like to be known as a good actor rather than being known as the wink queen. This is a new feeling. But I am happy. The song has received good response.Our director told us that the 30-second shot should be a memorable one and we followed his vision. I never expected that it would become such a big hit. It is a school-centric film. We are discussing love, crushes and friendship. Love in the time of schooling is the theme of the film.”

Thank you for all the love and support💙

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When asked which actors she would like to work with, Priya’s answer was, “Ranveer Singh, Shah Rukh Khan, and Sidharth Malhotra.”

The director of the song is currently facing some trouble as some case has been filed against him for hurting the sentiments of the community. What you think about Rishi’s prediction of Huge stardom for Priya Varrier? Share your views in comment section below and stay tuned with us for more latest news and Bollywood happenings.

Know Why Soha Ali Khan Get Worried When Taimur Tries To Get Closer To Her Daughter Inaaya


As we know that Pataudi family have two cute munchkins-Kareena-Saif son Taimur and Soha-Kunal daughter Inaaya, who are one of the most searched star kid ever on internet. Taimur was born in December 2016 whereas Soha and Kunal’s daughter Inaaya was born in September last year. Recently while talking to media house Soha revealed why she get worried when Taimur tries to get closer to Inaaya.

Speaking of the bond that Taimur and Inaaya shares, Soha said at a recent event, “Taimur is at an age where he wants to explore everything. He is now able to hold things, his grip is getting stronger. He is also into snatching things and throwing them away. Inaaya is too small now and so we are constantly scared to have them too close to each other. Especially Bhai (Saif) gets really worried whenever Taimur tries to get closer to where Inaaya is.”

Further she added, “Taimur and Inaaya are both kids, just a few months apart from each other so it really helps to observe Taimur, follow his growth, the changes and milestones in his life and be more aware and prepared while raising Inaaya. Bhai and Kareena both help Kunal and me with handy tips from time to time, which is a blessing when you are a new, first time parent.”

Talking about the age difference between taimur and Inaaya and what she expect their bond would be in future, Soha said that, “Bhai and I have an 8-year age difference. But Taimur and Inaaya will only have a year’s. I hope they grow fond of each other as they grow up, become best friends. Of course, Taimur is a little older so he will always be the elder brother to Inaaya, protective about her.” 

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सबसे सस्ती ड्रेस पहन कर अंबानी की पार्टी में पहुंची आलिया भट्ट कीमत जानकर यकीन नही होगा


बॉलीवुड की बबली गर्ल आलिया भट्ट अपनी फिल्मों के साथ ही अपने ड्रेस, स्टाइल, फैशन और सेल्फी को लेकर मीडिया की सुर्खियों में बनी रहती हैं। आलिया को आपने अलग-अलग ड्रेस और स्टालिश कपड़ों में देखा होगा लेकिन क्या आपको अंदाज़ा है की आलिया कभी किसी पार्टी में सस्ती ड्रेस पहन कर जा सकती हैं नहीं ना आखिर आलिया को किस बात की कमी है।

पैसा नेम फेम आलिया के पास सब कुछ है लेकिन इसके बाद भी आलिया भट्ट जब किसी पार्टी में सस्ती ड्रेस पहन कर पहुंचे तो सवाल उठना और हैरान होना लाज़मी है और वो भी तब जब पार्टी किसी फिल्मी सितारे की नहीं बलकी देश के सबसे अमीर बिज़नेस मैन अंबानी की हो। आपको बता दें की अंबानी की पार्टी में आलिया नें ब्लैक कलर का टॉप और कलर फुल स्कर्ट पहनी थी आलिया के इस स्कर्ट की कीमत केवल 4000 रूपए है।

अब आप भी सोच रहे होंगें की आलिया भट्ट नें आखिर इतनी सस्ती स्कर्ट क्यों पहनीं वैसे आपने आलिया के स्कर्ट पर तो गौर किया लेकिन आलिया के साथ खड़ी कैटरीना कैफ के बारे में अगर गौर किया होगा तो आपके भी ज़हन में यह बात जरूर आएगी की आलिया और कैटरीना के बीच बढ़ती दोस्ती की वजह क्या है। दोनों को बीते दिनों कई जगहों पर एक साथ देखा गया जिसके बाद दोनों की दोस्ती की बातें हो रही हैं।

इसी के साथ ही आपको यह भी बात बता दें की आलिया जल्द ही डेविड धवन की फिल्म चालबाज में श्रीदेवी का किरदार निभाती दिखाई देंगीं। वहीं आलिया के अपोज़िट फिल्म में रजनीकांत की जगह पर वरूण धवन होंगे। खास बात यह है की डेविड धवन की इस फिल्म में भी अनुपम खेर दिखाई देंगें बहरहाल आलिया वरूण के अलावा फिल्म में सनी देओल के किरदार में कौन होगा फिलहाल इस बात का पता नही चल सका है।

सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा की अब तक की सबसे कम कमाई करने वाली फिल्म बनी अय्यारी फिल्म नें कमाए 3.26 करोड़


सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा, मनोज बाजेपयी और रकुल प्रीत सिंह की हालिया रिलीज़ फिल्म अय्यारी बॉक्स ऑफिस पर काफी घाटे का सौदा हो सकती है। जी हां इस बात का अंदाज़ा फिल्म की ओपनिंग डे की कमाई को देखने के बाद लगाया जा रहा है। कल बीते शुक्रवार को सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा, मनोज बाजपेयी,रकुल प्रीत सिंह,पूजा चोपड़ा जैसे स्टार कास्ट नें भले ही स्क्रीन पर बेहतरीन एक्टिंग की। लेकिन इसके बाद भी फिल्म की कहानी और निर्देशन में ऐसा दम नही था जो दर्शकों को फिल्म देखने के लिए मजबूर कर दे।

आपको बता दें की अय्यारी सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा की अब तक की सबसे कम कमाई करने वाली फिल्म साबित हुई इससे पहले सिद्धार्थ की फिल्म अ जेंटल मैन नें 4.04 करोड़ कमाए थे वहीं इत्तेफाक नें 4.05 करोड़ कमाए थे इस लिहाज़ से अय्यारी सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा के लिए सबसे ज्यादा अनलकी फिल्म ही साबित हो सकती है ऐसा कहना गलत नही होगा।

पहली बार सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा एक आर्मी ऑफिसर के रोल में नज़र आए हैं अय्यारी को सिद्धार्थ अपने करियर की एक अच्छी हिट फिल्म इस लिए भी मान रहे थे क्योंकि फिल्म का निर्देशन युवा फिल्मेकर नीरज पांडे नें किया था। नीरज की इससे पहले की सभी फिल्में बेबी , रूस्तम, नाम शबाना जैसी सभी फिल्मों नें बॉक्स ऑफिस पर अच्छा बिज़नेस किया था। लेकिन अय्यारी को बॉक्स ऑफिस पर दर्शकों का ऐसा रिस्पांस मिलेगा शायद खुद नीरज पांडे नें भी नही सोचा होगा।

अय्यारी में सिद्धार्थ मल्होत्रा और मनोज बाजपेयी के अलावा नशीरूद्दीन शाह,और अनुपम खेर जैसे सितारे भी हैं साथ ही फिल्म का बजट 65 करोड़ रहा फिल्म को लगभग 3200 के आस पास स्क्रीन्स भी मिली थी। अय्यारी के पहले वीकेंड में अभी आज और कल यानी 17 फरवरी और 18 फरवरी का दिन बाकी है हालाकि फिल्म को मिले पहले रिस्पांस को देखकर तो लग रहा है की फिल्म के लिए बजट तक की कमाई कर पाना भी काफी मुश्किल ह

आखिर क्यों डेनियल को करनी पड़ी एडल्ट स्टार सनी लियॉन से शादी जानिए वजह


एडल्ट स्टार से बॉलीवुड स्टार बननें वाली फिल्म अभिनेत्री सनी लियॉन की जिंदगी के बारे में हम सभी जानते हैं सनी का इतिहास और बिग बॉस से लेकर बॉलीवुड में आने तक उनका सफर कैसा रहा है। ये सब हम सभी देखते आए हैं। बॉलीवुड में सनी लियॉन नें बॉलीवुड में कई फिल्में कीं हैं। जिनमें से ज्यादातर फिल्मों में सनी के बोल्ड सीन ही देखने को मिले हैं। बहरहाल आप सनी लिॉयन के बारे में जानते हैं। लेकिन उनके पति डेनियर बीबर के बारे में आप शायद इतना नही जानते होंगे वैसे सनी लियॉन के पति डेनियल बीबर को उनके साथ देखकर हर किसी को बस यही हैरानी होती है की आखिर डेनियल नें क्या देखकर एडल्ट स्टार होने के बाद भी सनी लियॉन से शादी की है।

डेनियल और सनी की पहली मुलाकात उस दौरान हुई थी जब सनी अपने दोस्तों के साथ एक रेस्टोरेंट में छुट्टियां मनाने पहुंची थीं। डेनियल भी इस दौरान यहीं पर बैठे थे और उनकी नज़र जैसे ही सनी पर पड़ी उन्हें पहली नज़र में ही सनी से प्यार हो गया।

हालाकि सनी लियॉन के सामने डेनियल नें कोई बात नही की। लेकिन इसके बाद सनी लियॉन को देखने के लिए डेनियल अक्सर उस रेस्टोरेंट में आने लगे।

सनी जब भी रेस्टोरेंट में आतीं उन्हें फूलों का एक खूबसूरत सा बुके मिलता और आखिरकार एक दिन डेनियल नें सनी को डेट के लिए बुके में मैसेज लिख कर इनवाइट किया।

सनी डेट पर तो गईं लेकिन उन्होेनें डेनियल को काफी इंतज़ार करवाया। हालाकि डेनियल नें भी काफी टाइम तक खड़े हो कर सनी का इंतज़ार किया डेनियल का इंतज़ार देख सनी नें उनके प्यार को कुबूल कर लिया। इतना ही नही डेनियल और सनी के बीच प्यार का सिलसिला शुरू ही हुआ था की इसी बीच सनी के मां की मौत हो गई। ऐसे में डेनियल नें सनी को बखूबी संभाला और बस फिर इसके बाद ही दोनों नें शादी कर ली।

EXCLUSIVE: Ranveer Singh Not Sidharth Malhotra To Play Sanjay Dutt’s Role In Sadak 2


Mahesh Bhatt has already announced the plans of remaking Sadak, which featured Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt in the lead roles. The ace director was looking to rope in young actors in the lead roles. The buzz in the media suggested that Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra will play the lead roles. However, the latest reports have a whole new story to tell.


It is a well known secret that Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra have broken up but not on good terms. Several reports suggest that the two actors can’t even stand each other. Recently, they had an awkward reunion when they were present at Karan Johar’s kids birthday party. It was reported that Alia talked to Varun Dhawan but completely ignored Sidharth Malhotra. Due to this, Sadak 2 landed in trouble, as she doesn’t want to work with Sidharth.

Now it looks like Sidharth’s loss has become Ranveer Singh’s gain. Yes, you read it right! We have exclusively learned that Ranveer Singh will play the Sanjay Dutt’s role in Sadak remake. This also means that Alia Bhatt will reunite with Ranveer for the second time.

On the professional front, Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh are currently busy in their upcoming film Gully Boy directed by Zoya Akhtar. After this, Alia Bhatt will start shooting for Brahamastra featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. On the other hand, Ranveer Singh will start working on Rohit Shetty’s Simmba and Kapil Dev’s biopic.

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SHOCKING Statement On Sexual Harassment By Ekta Kapoor: Actors Use Their Sexuality To Get WORK


Sexual harassment is currently one of the most talked about subject in the entertainment business. It is one of the darkest sides of showbiz business. Ever since Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment by several actresses, broader discussions have erupted. Many Celebrities have come out in open and talking about the same. Now, television queen Ekta Kapoor has made some shocking revelations about the same.

Recently, popular producer Ekta Kapoor has given her opinion about this whole sexual harassment thing. She was present on Mirror Now’s The Town Hall along with actress Nimrat Kaur. The Town Hall was hosted by leading journalist Barkha Dutt. Ekta made some shocking revelation about the same and also talked about #MeToo movement.

Talking about sexual harassment in showbiz business, Ekta said, “Well, I think there are Harvey Weinsteins in Bollywood, but there is probably an equal number of Harvey Weinsteins on the other side of the story, but people do not want to talk about that part. Yes, there are people in power like producers who use their power to take advantage of people, but at the same time there are people on the other side, like an actor or others who need the job, would also use their sexuality to get things done. Therefore, I believe that predators should not be put in a box based on power. It is always not true that the person who does not have power is the victim.”

She further added,

“Being a producer, on a personal level when I talk to my male counterparts, they said they were propositioned blatantly. Is that person not a predator? In our industry, if one actor meets a producer at 2 a.m. and hooks up with him and after five days, if she wants a job based on that and the producer doesn’t give the job because he wants personal and professional things separate, then who is the victim here? The interpretation is always that the powerful person took advantage of the poor little budding actor or something that is always not the truth.”

What do you think of Ekta Kapoor’s statement? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below. Stay tuned to Filmymantra.com for more Bollywood updates.

बिग बॉस 11 फेम सपना चौधरी नें प्रिया प्रकाश के बारे में कह दी इतनी बड़ी बात जानिए


अपने आइब्रोस वाले वीडियो से सोशल मीडिया स्टार बनीं प्रिया प्रकाश का जिक्र सिर्फ आम लोग ही नही बलकी बड़े-बड़े सितारे भी कर रहे हैं के ये वीडियो का टीज़र कुछ समय पहले ही रिलीज़ हुआ था और अब इसका वीडियो भी रिलीज़ हो चुका है ऐसे में प्रिया प्रकाश को लेकर हालही में बिग बॉस 11 की कंटेस्टेंट सपना चौधरी नें एक चौंकाने वाला बयान दिया सपना चौधरी नें प्रिया प्रकाश की तारीफ तो की ही साथ ही उनकी आंखों के एक्सप्रेशन की तारीफ करते- करते उनकी तुलना माधुरी दीक्षित से कर दी।सपना चौधरी नें प्रिया प्रकाश की तारीफ करते हुए कहा प्रिया नें वीडियो में जो एक्सप्रेशन दिया उसकी तारीफ जितनी की जाए कम है। इतना ही नहीं सपना चौधरी नें यह बात भी कही की प्रिया प्रकाश के एक्सप्रेशन माधुरी दीक्षित की तरह हैं। उन्हें बॉलीवुड में सबसे ज्यादा माधुरी के एक्सप्रेशन पसंद हैं। माधुरी के बाद अगर किसी के एक्सप्रेशन उन्हें पसंद आए हैं। तो वो हैं प्रिया प्रकाश। सपना चौधरी नें यह बात हालही में एक ऑनलाइन एंटरटेंमेंट चैनल को दिए गए इंटरव्यू में कही।

बहरहाल सपना की तारीफ बेशक प्रिया प्रकाश के लिए तारीफ हो सकती है लेकिन बॉलीवुड की धक-धक गर्ल माधुरी दीक्षित के लिए ये एक शॉकिंग स्टेटमेंट माना जा सकता है।

गौरतलब है की माधुरी बॉलीवुड की डांसिंग दिवा के नाम से जानी जाती हैं साथ ही माधुरी बॉलीवुड फिल्मों में अपनी एक्टिंग और डांसिंक के साथ ही अपने खास एक्सप्रेशन के लिए भी जानी जाती हैं।

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वहीं बात अगर सपना चौधरी की करें तो सपना चौधरी जबसे बिग बॉस के घर से बाहर आईं हैं सपना की जिंदगी तब से बेहद बदल चुकी है हरियाणवीं डांसर से सपना अब बॉलीवुड में डेब्यू करने जा रही हैं यही नही बिग बॉस के घर से बाहर आने के बाद सपना नें कुछ टीवी सीरियल्स में  धमाकेदार अाइटम डांस परफार्मेंस भी दे चुकी हैं।

7 Times Priyanka Chopra And Shah Rukh Khan Made Us Feel That Their Love Affair Was Real!


Know when and where Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan made us feel that their rumored love affair was not just a rumor, it did had some truth in it.

1. When SRK said that only Priyanka makes him feel comfortable.
Once SRK was quoted saying that, “Personally, I am quite uncomfortable around actors. I get very conscious. But she(Priyanka) makes me feel comfortable. She’ll fix my hair if it’s out of place. It’s nice working with a friend like that. Also she has realised that I am as insecure as anyone else.”

2. Priyanka expressed her desire to do a romantic film with SRK In an interview Priyanka said, “We’ve only done Don together. But I would love to do a full-fledged romantic film with her.”

3. SRK expressed that he feels happy when she is aroundSRK said that “I’m happy she’s around. I can take the advantage of calling her and asking her to do a three-day shoot for me, where all she’s doing is hanging from a rope. And she does it for me.”

4. Priyanka never disagree with SRK because…. While interacting with media Priyanka said that, “I’d never have the guts to disagree with him (SRK). But yes, he reprimands me all the time. Just because he knows I can’t turn around and say anything back.” 

5. Priyanka Chopra always admired SRK and wanted to be like him
Once Priyanka turned into a fan girl who said that she always wanted to grow up like SRK. She was quoted saying “Ever since I remember, I’ve wanted to grow up and be like him. Perhaps like a female version.”

6. SRK on friendship and relationshipWhent he rumors of SRK dating Priyanka was new in B-town, at that time SRK said while interacting with media that, “As an actor when you put in long hours of work, and then you have someone who you really love or feel for, to share that space, you feel fortunate.What’s unfortunate is when people give it a name or a tag. Sometimes friendships or relationships are beyond what people say. So when things out of the ordinary are said, it’s not embarrassing to us at least, because we know what it really is.”

7. Priyanka rubbishing rumorsOn asking Priyanka about truth about her dating rumors with SRK, She said, You are the ones writing it. You should go and ask your fraternity.

Whats your views about Priyanka and SRK’s Love affair? Share your views below. Stay tuned with us for more latest news and Bollywood happenings.

Priya Prakash Varrier BREAKS Silence On CASE Against Oru Adaar Love Song


Controversy always followed stardom and it haven’t spared wink girl Priya Prakash Varrier too. A recent news states that a case has been filed against Priya Prakash and the director Omar Lulu. Complaint has been filed at Jinsi police station by a group of people under the aegis of Janjagran Samithi. Reports suggest that the song “Manikya Malaraya poovi” of Oru Adaar have “objectionable” reference to Prophet Muhammad’s wife.

“This is a deliberate effort to hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims. We demand that a case under IPC section 295 of the IPC should be registered against actress Priya Varrier, director Omar Lulu and producers of the film,” said Samithi president Mohsin Ahmed.

On being asked Priya Prakash Varrier about the same, the Oru Adaar chose to remain shut about the matter. She was quoted saying:

“I don’t know much about it, I think I’d rather keep shut about it.”

Inspector Faheem Hashmi confirmed the same saying that, “We have received a complaint stating that the religious feelings of a particular community are hurt. We would bring it to the notice of senior officers and act according to their directions.”

Lets hope for the best. Did you loved Priya’s wink in Oru Adaar? Share your views about the same in the comment section below. Stay tuned with us for more latest Bollywood news and hot gossips.

5 Television Industry Actors Whose Career Was Destroyed By BB11 Contestant Vikas Gupta


Bigg Boss 11 gave the title of ‘Master Mind’ to contestant Vikas Gupta. Do you think he is a master mind in real life too? Let’s see! Presenting you five such names whose career has been destroyed by BB11 Contestant Vikas Gupta.

1. Shilpa ShindeAfter watching Bigg Boss everyone is aware about what exactly happened between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. It was been reported that Shilpa Shinde chose to quit TV Serial ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’ because she was been ill treated by Vikas Gupta. Later in Bigg Boss house both sorted their differences and Shilpa promised Vikas that she’ll work with him in future.

2. Additi Gupta Vikas Gupta and Additi happens to be good friends. The two happily worked in a TV serials like ‘Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil’ where Aditi was doing the lead role. It is been said that Vikas was the one who asked Additi to take up the side roles which actually affected Additi’s career which resulted in projects like cameo in ‘Ishqbaaz’ where her role started and ended abruptly.

3. Priya WalPriya is a very talented actress and there are no two thoughts about it. She always did side role in big shows of Ekta Kapoor like ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’ and ‘Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani’. As we know that Ekta and Vikas happens to be buddies. Reports suggest that Priya’s career has been shaped up like this because of Vikas. Priya was last seen in ‘&Tv’ show named ‘Ganga’ where she did a small cameo.

4. Sara Khan Sara Khan became the household name after ‘Bidaai’. She was on top of her career when she decide to work with Vikas in ‘V The Serial’ which turns out to be worst choice of her career. She was last seen in projects like ‘Shakti-Astitav Ke Ehsaas ki’ and ‘Jana Naa Dil Se Door’.

5. Niti TaylorWell we all are aware of the fact that Niti Taylor and Parth Samthaan shared cold vibes on the sets of ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’. This was one reason why Parth Samthaan decided to quit the show. Later it was rumored that Vikas and Parth were in a relationship and Vikas somehow convinced Parth to return on the show because of low rating. After ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’ Niti and Vikas haven’t worked on any project together.

If you have more names to add into this list whose career has been destroyed by Vikas Gupta, then do tell us in comments section below. Stay tuned with us for more latest news and gossips.

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