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5 Point Review of Singham Returns!

by Murtaza Rangwala

1. Singham Returns, the sequel to the superhit movie Singham, had already created a lot of hype before its release and had the name of Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn behind it. And honestly, it lived up to its promise. The movie is a total paisa vassol experience that doesn’t let you get bored even for a second!

2. Singham has now come to the city of Mumbai, where he is the DSP and has bigger problems now. Anupam Kher plays an Arving Kejriwalish role and when he is killed as a result of a conspiracy of the opposition party headed by Amol Gupte and evil politician Zakir Hussain, Singham and co (including Daya) decide to take matters in their own hands.

3. There is not much to talk about the music of the film as it has just one song in it, excluding the below average Honey Singh trademark song in the end. But the movie boasts about a lot of action sequences with bullets being fired, wind-screens being smashed and cars being blasted off like toys, i.e., the typical Rohit Shetty masala.

4. The actors do well. Amol Gupte looks great in his role of the ‘Dhongi Baba’ and is partnered well by Zakir Hussain. Daya and Anupam Kher play their supporting parts aptly and there is not much for Kareena Kapoor to do in the movie apart from frolicking around and looking stunning. It is Ajay Devgn though, who holds the film and carries it right till the end.

5. The social message Rohit Shetty tries to give is a good one, specially one desires applause and whistles from the audience but obviously it has a few loose ends. Overall, the movie is good family outing.

Filmy Mantra Rating – 2.5/5

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