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Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra’s Mother Says,’Chipka Chipki Nahi, 36 Ayengi Aur 36 Jayengi’

The most awaited special time in Bigg Boss is when family members arrive inside to meet the fellow contestants. The show is being appreciated a lot and has become the talk of the town. The family week is really special for the contestants and fans too, we get to know many things through their views. Whereas Parag Tyagi gave a threat to Asim, Shehnaaz Father Requested, Siddharth’s Mother Advised him, and Paras’ mother warned him.

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Contestants will meet their closed ones after around four months. Arti Singh’s brother Krushna, Mahira’s mother, Shehnaaz’s father and Shefali Jariwala’s husband Parag Tyagi have already been seen in the show. Now, in the upcoming episodes, Rashami’s nephews, Sidharth’s mother, Asim’s brother, and Paras’s mother will enter the house.

Paras’s mother meets everyone smiling but when she meets Mahira she looked at paras and gave advice to him and will ask him to not become a Godfather to others. She asked him not to get intimate with Mahira Sharma. She also said, “Chipka Chipki Nahi, 36 Ayengi Aur 36 Jayengi tere liye teri maa hi layengi”.

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Paras mother warned him and said, “Aisa na ho ke bahar aake tujhe pachtawa ho” and asked him to watch his game.

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