Memes flood Twitter as lockdown extends again

The current scenario of the Coronavirus pandemic has set the world ablaze with enormous number of deaths each day. Every Prime Minister of every  nation is taking utmost care to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Most of the countries are under lockdown to maintain social distancing. On the same front is India where the constant increase in deaths has lead to Lockdown 4.0.

The prime minister of India Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday. He declared the forth stage lockdown in the country. However, he mentioned that this stage would be slightly different. Modi was quoted saying, ” we have to protect ourselves and move ahead as well”.

Prime Minister modi.

As the lockdown 3.0 was about to expire on May 17, 2020 the people of our country were curious to know if there would be an extension to the lockdown or would it be an end. Prime Minister Modi announced a relief package worth 20 lakh crores. Modi maintained that the forth stage of lockdown will commence with new guidelines and rules.

Although it was highly expected that Prime Minister Modi would assign another ‘balcony’ task, he rather ended it without announcing one this time! . Many parts of the country like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu heard an extension till May 31, 2020.

Not very long after the prime minister ended his speech, netizens overloaded the social media with several memes. While some expressed disappointment over no new ‘balcony task’, others simply asked for more details on the lockdown 4.0. There were tonnes of hilarious memes over the social media.

We have picked few best ones just for:



The memes clearly indicate the level of frustration that the people across the globe are going through. It hasn’t been an easy task to stay at home and not participate in any social gatherings, stepping out for unnecessary things, not meeting family and friends. However, if we all stay at home for some more time, we can win the fight against the virus. So #stayhome #staysafe

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