Krushna Abhishek claims too much presence on social media is the root cause for depression

The incomparable comedian Krushna Abhishek has very rightly out spoken recently about how Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has given a wake up call to many to concentrate on their mental health and also about the variations that surface in Bollywood.

Krushna mentioned about how the attitude of people has changed post the late actor’s death. He said, “This incident has proved that mental health is what is most important. Otherwise how will you work? After Sushant’s death, people are taking care of it. People have become very cautious, they have calmed down as well. Earlier, people used to misbehave and they had attitude problem. They used to think that main hi hoon bas duniya mein, now they have come down to earth. Industry ke kuchh log bahut udd rahe the, ab shaant ho gaye hain.”

Krushna further added that the negativity that exist on social media drives celebrities and other know people to depression. “A person will go mad and then he will take a drastic step. It is better to quit the social media. Ranbir Kapoor never came on social media. If you can’t handle, don’t come on it at all,” he explains.

Krushna Abhishek

As it is quite visible, Krushna only uses social media minimally and that too only for professional purposes. And this, he mentioned is the key to stay positive. “I only post about my work and use it professionally use it. Personally, I post very rarely. If you give out all details of your life like when you went to the loo and when you brushed your teeth tab toh log gaaliayan dena shuru hi kar denge,” he added.

Krushna further joked about over presence on certain celebrities to an extent that they get trolled massively by the fans.

“On one hand you say that ‘oh I am getting trolled’ and then upar se aapne kaun si chaddi khareedi hai woh raat ke 11 baje post kar rahe ho. Why are you so available that people start trolling you?” he questioned!

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