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Entertainment Movie Review

In the film Akshay Kumar’s father is dead and he rants, “Life without you is no fun because I have turned into an orphan.”

Mithun Chakraborty tells Johny Lever’s character, “Kya gajab ka fan hai! Yeh male hai ya female?” As a gasped Johny Lever is still looking at Mithun trying to fathom the question he adds, “Bajaj ka hai ya, Usha ka!”

At another point in the movie Akshay Kumar declares, “Maana ki main God gifted nahin hoon, par dog gifted zaroor hoon.”

With dialogues like these you have a good idea about what kind of entertainment you are going to served up in debut directors Sajid-Farhad’s Entertainment. The duo, who have also scripted the film and also penned its dialogue have in the past been credited as the writers of Rohit Shetty’s blockbuster hits such as Golmaal 2, Golmaal Returns and Bol Bachchan and even Sajid Khan’s Housefull 2.

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The story if any is banal. Akhil Lokhande’s (Akshay Kumar) billionaire father Panna Lal Johri (Dalip Tahil) in Bangkok wills his entire fortune to a dog called Entertainment. Next the hero lands up there along with his friend (Krushna Abhishek). They try some crude ways in which to put the dog to sleep. Also eyeing the property are Johri’s cousins Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood.  You don’t need to know any further to know how this story will progress ultimately. Oh, before that we must tell you that the Akshay Kumar has a change of heart when he realizes that Entertainment saved his life. Ah well! He is truly dog gifted.

While the first half of the film does make you laugh at places, it loses its fizz in the second half completely. The transformation of the film from a ha ha fest into drama is abrupt and does not come about smoothly. Moreover, after a while all the jokes seem to become repetitive and seem to follow the same template. Not that the jokes are refreshing. They all seem gimmicky because each character in the film has been blessed with a weird, comic trait which is then stretched like a rubber band. It only gets worse because you have to bear all of this for two hours 20 minutes.

Where performances are concerned Johny Lever and Krushna Abhishek manage to make an attempt. The rest don’t even try and sleepwalk through the film.

The climax where the dog gets hit a by a bullet is the biggest let down. For a film called Entertainment this one is low on that.  The golden retriever Junior in the film looks perplexed throughout and has very little screen time. Dog knows what Union minister Maneka Gandhi saw in it to get associated with this film.

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