Sailing has been known for shrinking the world and connecting the distances, but there are instances when the last sail was as mysterious as the ocean bed.Read on to know how the waters have engulfed some ships and crew in totality, without leaving any traces of their presence.Here are a few noteworthy ship disappearances in the history of mankind.

1. The USS Wasp 

Now there have been several ships that were named the Wasp Series per say, but one Wasp Ship that has captivated the minds was the one that vanished in 1814. In 1813, Britain was at war and this ship was built for this purpose.

Proudly designated the “sloop-of-war”, this fast moving vessel was equipped with a square sail, 22 guns, and a crew of around 170 people on board. She was a beautiful piece of architecture and engineering. It even fought 13 travels and according to the war policy, any ship that the Wasp would gain triumph over, was to be burned down.

In 1814, she captured the Atlanta, and the crew decided that the Atlanta was too precious and valuable to be burnt down. So they were directed to lovingly bring it back to the harbour.

This was an unusual decision because this was a prize win for the US. Atlanta was previously the American Ship “Siro” that had been captured by the enemy front and renamed Atlanta.

After the Captain directed the Atlanta, the rest of the crew went towards the warm waters of the Caribbean, and just disappeared. Without a trace, without a mark, it was never to be seen again. The easiest that we can contemplate is this lovely beauty of a ship getting shambled to wrecks in a storm, but is it really possible that there is no trace of the ship remains or the crew?

The reason of this ship’s disappearance is not known till today! This is one of the bizarre disappearances that has fetched no explanations till date!


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