CCTV Footage Of Naseeruddin Shah’s Daughter Heeba Shah Caught Slapping 2 Veterinary Clinic Worker- Video

The veterinary clinic in Versova was accused by Heeba Shah who is the daughter of a famous actor Naseeruddin Shah. She physically assaulted their two female worker in the clinic. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV footage of the clinic which is submitted to the Versova police. The police registered the non-cognizable offense against Heeba Shah for assaulting two females and the investigation is on.

Police said the actress Heeba Shah visited the clinic with her friend’s two cats for sterilization with an appointment.  Supriya Sharma who is a friend of actress Heeba Shah booked slots for two cats for sterilization facility at the Veterinary clinic.

Supriya did not come but handed cats over her very own friend Heeba Shah from the same building did the needful. We even got a video of the same.

On16 Jan at 2.50 pm, Heeba walked into a veterinary clinic with two cats for sterilization. The clinic caretaker asked her to wait for 5 mins as the surgery was ongoing in the clinic. After 2-3 minutes of waiting at the clinic as per the CCTV footage, she aggressively told the staff members,

“Don’t you know who I am? How can you have me wait for so long outside without any assistance and how can no one help me in getting my cat cage out of the rickshaw on arrival at your clinic. On asked to sign the ‘Consent Forms’ for the surgery, before we admit her cats into our facility, she got extremely abusive about the system and the place.”

When a senior staff member asked her to leave after she verbally abusing us for no reason during she slapped and our two female staff members. The physical abuse was harsh, extremely violent and disturbing to say the least.


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