Top 8 Committed Family Men of the B-Town

The Bollywood is known for the break-up couples more than the committed ones. In the B-Town it is always talk of the town that who break up with whom or which married couples are headed for a split. One of the shocking divorces of the Bollywood is the divorce of Farhan Akhtar with his wife Adhuna Akhtar.

Though, post divorce the couple never go bad mouthed about each other which is indeed worth. But, by keeping this fact aside, there are some handsome hunks in the Bollywood who are just committed family men. They are worth to be fitted in the term ‘Family Man’ surely for them family comes first. They are just ideal husbands and adorable fathers who set an example for many family men.

Here are the top 8 committed family men of the B-Town:

1). Imran Khan:

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The ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ star, Imran Khan, who is too young but proved himself an ideal husband and an adorable father since he got married to his childhood sweetheart Avantika Malik in 2011. Post wedding he has been rocking the married men league. So Imran is just a well-committed family man of the B-Town.

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