Sushant – Riya audio clip reveals Sushant wanted to leave Bollywood

The Sushant Singh Rajput case has taken new turns everyday. Recently an audio clip that has surfaced involves the late actor, Riya, Indrajit Chakraborty and financial advisors. He appears to be speaking of retiring and financial management and also about his future and quitting Bollywood.

Sushant riya

As per the clip, Riya urges Sushant to make an FD. “I want all this as an example that I am not there, Shruti and Miranda are also not there and some new person is with Sushant. He gets Sushant’s card. The first thing I would say to Sushant is to make FD of all the money. We will keep all the money of Sushant in FD. Sushant’s card will not have more than 10-15 lakhs. Secondly, the money is with Sushant, so that Sushant continues to get interest. Sushant’s accumulated capital will also be safe. No FD could be broken without Sushant’s signature.” Riya is quoted saying.

Sushant has spoken about leaving Mumbai. He said in the audio, “I want to leave this city. ” Then Riya speaks, “first we want to go to Goa. Will stay there for a month or two. After that we will decide.” Sushant demands to go to some natural place. Here Riya says, “Pavana or a place where peace of mind prevails. We will go to Pavana for a day or two. And let’s see how it feels. I want to be with them most of the time. Then we will talk about leaving this house.”

Sushant further speaks of his mental instability. “I cannot spoil this time, I hardly go out of my room. It is my intellectual curiosity to take care of myself. But not financially. Because my brain is not in this condition. One day I feel something and the other day I feel something else. So I cannot spoil this time. ”

The audio also vocals Sushant talking about financial management. He says,” I just want to request. How can we end all this and save money? Yes, here I am fighting with my mind. This is the most difficult time that I have never seen. ” To this another voice responds, “Private trust is formed only during bad times. Where all the financial decisions of the individual are taken care of by keeping the people associated with the trust together.”

Riya further appears to be saying, “Suppose we are giving 10 rupees to this trust. Want to become an FD or buy mutual funds from him. Can trustees do this? Will the trustees decide what will be better? Then the second voice comes that the trustee will dispose. Which one will get better returns and risk is less. This can be easy as well as complicated.”

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