Randeep Hooda undergoes major surgery: Here’s what details we have

The suave Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda has been hospitalized under worrisome circumstances. The actor was photographed outside a hospital recently wearing a mask. As per the reports, he wasn’t there for a regular visit and got admitted today morning for a major surgery. The surgery was to commence in the evening which has probably taken place now. Randeep was also tested for Covid-19 for which the results came out negative. The results of the surgery however, haven’t yet come out.

Randeep Hooda

Randeep had been working on his Hollywood venture Extraction with Chris Hemsworth. Speaking about the film the actor was quoted saying, “We practiced for weeks. We attended workshops and started with the basics of holding a gun, firing a bullet, throwing a punch. First, it was done individually and then it was Chris and I and then other actors. So the preparation work is what gives the scenes spontaneity. In Indian movies, people don’t pay too much attention to prepping for an action scene. They just turn-up on sets, and sometimes it’s just about the star value. But Chris came for all the rehearsals. Sam was helming it as well as physically shooting it, operating the camera, jumping on top of cars, hanging from ropes to capture the scene, so that made a huge difference.”

Randeep also explained how different was this experience for him. He added, “I was glad to get the movie on two to three levels. I got to feature as the first Indian male actor doing the action in a Hollywood film. Breaking the stereotypes of IT professionals, millionaires, or comic relief in a film. It was great that I was able to break that barrier. I haven’t done hand to hand action much. I have an action image but haven’t done much action (on-screen). So, this was a new thing. It was a new territory for me as an actor, to be able to use other factors as an actor and not just drama, and to be able to use my body and to be able to learn new things.”

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