Abhishek Bachan reacts to a troller asking him how he affords vacations


Bollywood is a race for actors where some win laurels while others just fizzle out. Not many people remember the ones who fail to make a mark. One such actor is Abhishek Bachan. He is the son of Big B of bollywood and husband to the most beautiful woman on earth Aishwarya Rai.


Few of his movies like Raavan, Yuva and Guru did bring out the best in him. His exuberant acting skills were displayed in them. However, most of the other Abhishek’s movies failed to please the audience.

Abhishek’s Movies

He has been declared as a flop actor at many instances. But the frolic person he is, Abhishek has always taken these statements without being a spoil sport. Apart of acting, he has been trying his hands in other businesses like sports and education welfare. These businesses have definitely yielded good fruits for Abhishek. However, as these are not in the limelight, Abhishek is considered to be a catastrophe.

Abhishek posted a beautiful picture from a vacation with his wife Aishwarya Rai Bachan and daughter Aradhya Bachan. Here is the post:-

Abhishek bachan n family

A Twitter user was quick enough to respond saying,
Not worked for last 3 years but has money for vacation ! How ?”

Upon this the actor reacted in a chic manner, saying
Because, sir, I have several other businesses that I run apart from acting and producing movies. Sports being just one of them.”

Abhishek’s fans were super supportive to the actor. So much so that the troller had to delete his tweet!

Another such instance occured when Abhishek was offered the movie Manmarziyaan. Trollers trolled him to an extent the he was unfit to have gotten the offer. Abhishek however, kept his cool.

When he announced the release date of his upcoming movie, one troller wrote,” Only Anurag will see this movie”

Trolled Abhishek
The actor brilliantly replied “No. No. So will I.”

Twitter reply

Big applause for the actor’s sense of humour!!