Sonam Kapoor’s “Karma to be born to Kapoor’s” receives severe backlash

Since the time we have lost an incredible actor Sushant Singh Rajput to a suicidal death, the Bollywood star kids are being brutally tyrannized by the upset fans. The hatered towards outsiders and negligence towards talent has surfaced to a great extent.

The dark side of Bollywood nepotism is doing the rounds. Especially when the old videos of Alia Bhatt and Sonam Kapoor on Koffee with Karan have surfaced, the ugly truth of the Bollywood star kids has been uncovered.


Sonam allegedly asked “Who Sushant?” on the show thus portraying the shallowness of humanity. Her this video attracted enumerate angry Sushant fans who slammed her for her poor acting skills and that she is only her because of her father.

Sonam shared the pictures of the hatred she received.

Sonam later posted saying that she is proud to be Anil Kapoor’s daughter and that it is her Karma that has brought her in the family and to be as privileged as she is. Here’s what she wrote:-
Yes I’m my father’s daughter and yes I am here because of him and yes I am privileged. That is not an insult. My father has worked very hard to give me all of this. And it is my Karma where I am born and to whom I’m born. I’m proud,”- Sonam

Twitteratis severely backlash Sonam

Her this statement further instigated the angry fans who slammed her for being Arrogant and elitist. Some of them also asked Sonam if those born in underprivileged families were also there due to their Karma. Sonam was also reminded that with privilege comes responsibility too.

The star kids like Sonam only use their privilege for their self gains. Why wouldn’t they rather eradicate the wrong that is done in the system? Why don’t they put an end to the rutheless behaviour againts outsiders like Sushant and encourage the talented actors instead?

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