Salman Khan’s ‘Paunch’ Scene in Sultan Will Make You His Admirer

The clouds of success are showering rains on Salman Khan for his work in Sultan. The box office collections and his increased number of fans show his hard-work has paid off.


Although, Bajrangi Bhaijaan was also a super hit movie in Salman’s career and equally appreciated by the audience, he has worked terribly hard for Sultan. All this while, Salman had gone topless only to show his abs, but this time, the movie demanded something weird! A ‘paunch’ scene in the movie was very crucial for Salman. He had to stand in front of the mirror with tears rolling down his eyes, holding his paunch.


The weird shape must have taken back Salman Khan’s admirers, who are ready to die for him on his looks.  However, his guts and spirit to do that scene won him more admirers including the popular celebs of Bollywood.


According to the sources, Salman was hesitant to do this scene initially and Ali Abbas had spent 3 months to convince Salman due to script’s demand. The scene where Salman feels like a failure and beaten on the stage is splendid! Salman had gained weight for that small scene, which made him really worried about his appearance post the movie to get back in shape. He took everything sportingly.


The director of the movie also praised him by saying that he practiced for 4 hours before the shoot began. Ali Abbas also praised Salman that he practiced hard to counteract his consciousness and did not speak anything to anybody on the set, as he felt numb after the scene was over.


Well, that’s Salman’s style of success. We truly hope that Salman continues to work this hard in every future movie too and achieve all the success in life that he deserves. Great going Salman, keep it up!

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