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Salman hates his nickname bhai

by Murtaza Rangwala

Followers of Bigg Boss 8 would have noticed that Salman gave a mouthful to Upen Patel when the latter

referred to him by his nickname ‘bhai’. If you thought Salman was being unfair, let us inform you that

the Kick star hates being called bhai by anyone other than his two sisters, Alvira and Arpita, simply

because, the star feels he is not a brother to anyone other than his sisters and rightly so! As per sources,

the star gets quite irritated when even perfect strangers who have just met him address him as bhai.

There is also reportedly yet another reason that Sallu hates his nickname and that is because of the

word ‘bhai’ being used in relation to the underworld! Apparently the star was even heard asking

someone, ‘‘kya mein goonda hoon jo tu mujhe bhai bula raha hai ?’. Lol!

Unfortunately Sallu, whether you like it or not, you will always remain ‘bhai’ to your fans simply because

there is no other star in Bollywood who can carry off this title as well as you do!

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