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Here Is Why ‘Pink’ Is A MUST Watch!

Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Pink’: It could have happened to any girl, or girls. Out for a good time, 3 young ladies get together with some likeminded boys and head for an outing. They are strangers. They are also goons, unwilling to let any one stand in their way. Before too much time has gone by, the girls are being groped and their ‘no’ is not being taken seriously. As the sexual assault threatens to spiral out of control, one of the girls takes a bottle lying around and smashes it on the eye of the leader, a politician’s nephew. As blood flows and there is general chaos, the girls manage to escape this particular harrowing incident, but worse is in store for them as they gradually find out. The movie is a thriller and the kick is unforgettable. The message? Stark and memorable, especially as it stars the one and only Amitabh Bachchan. With the film set to garnering praise all over the country, we list 5 reasons why you should watch Shoojit Sircar’s Pink:
1) To begin with, Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a lawyer, dragged out of his retirement by this compelling case and he defends 3 poor girls who are defenceless in the face of the money-power and violence habituated goondas. For the Bachchan fans, this will be bliss as they can watch their icon go through the movie mouthing the dialogue in his inimitable manner. They will be entertained to the core and more.

2) Every right-minded person in this country has been outraged by the impunity and utter disregard of laws that common criminals get away by carrying out acts of molestations, sexual assaults and worse on hapless girls. They are rarely, if ever, brought to justice. Here, 3 ordinary girls who are intent on saving themselves from accusations of prostitution, and violence, fight for their right to justice. And helping them on their way is Amitabh Bachchan, a lawyer who cannot abide wrong being committed, especially not if it is happening right under his nose. And, through this fight, strike a blow for women’s emancipation.

3) PINK central characters are Meenal Arora (Taapsee Pannu), Falak Ali (Kirti Kulhari) and Andrea (Andrea Tariang). They are professionals living together in Delhi and ensuring they progress in their careers with their hard work. But then, in an unthinking moment of exuberance, they allow a goon like Rajveer (Angad Bedi) near them and he looks to take advantage by forcing himself upon them. Thwarted and bloodied, he seeks revenge. The goon’s friends keep bothering the girls at every opportunity thereafter. A case gets lodged with the police.

4) To the girls’ surprise and outrage, cases of prostitution and violence are registered against them! Their desperation increases as no lawyer is willing to take the case, having been scared off by the goondas. So, in walks advocate Deepak Saigal. The forces arraigned against them are powerful. Also, this is an age old fight women in India have been fighting against the wrongdoing by men and they have been losing them with catastrophic consequences. Will this time be any different? Will the girls be able to wipe the shame from their names? Will they be able to regain their lost ‘normal’ lives? Is Amitabh Bachchan up to the task of getting the best out of himself and his co-stars?

5) The film is deliberately kept at a slow pace to allow everyone to get the best out of each and every dialogue, every moment in it. Screenplay is gripping. The really special parts are when Bachchan tears into the injured goon in an unforgettable courtroom scene. The 3 girls themselves put up standout performances and even Angad is a revelation as the bad guy!

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