Eisha Megan Acton takes her heart out in Exclusive Interview Filmymantra

Eisha Megan Acton takes her heart out in Exclusive Interview Filmymantra

This is a special interview with the model turned actress Eisha Megan Acton, who was awarded the title of Miss Globe Ireland 2011. She has been staying in Ireland since a long time. She completed her education from Kingston University. Currently she is staying in Mumbai and has been working in the bollywood industry.

Our promising reporter Sohail Syed from Filmy Mantra has chatted with the grooming actress Eisha Megan Acton.

Sohail– hello Eisha, how are you

Eisha– hii I am very fine.

Sohail– So please tell me something about your life journey so far.

Eisha– I was born in London stayed and studied there. I did my graduation from the Kingston University. My family is from Gujarat and Ireland. And after graduation I came here.

(Oho! She seems to be quite an educated model!)

Sohail– what made you come to India?

Eisha– right from childhood I and my family followed an Indian life style. My mother taught us to live like a Guajarati. We watched many Hindi movies like Raja Hindustani, dev das, kuch kuch hota hai. I have come back here to try my luck.

(Seems like an obvious Bollywood fan!)

Sohail– so are you a fan of bollywood.

Eisha– yes very much.

Sohail– so who is your favorite actor?

Eisha– Amir Khan, like I said I liked raja Hindustani. From then I have been watching his movies like that of Rang dey Basanti.

Sohail– like they are all block buster movies.

Eisha– yes, like in these movies there are female actresses, but Amir Khan was the best.

Sohail– so what is your reaction on Amir Khan’s PK poster.

Eisha– WOW, it’s really innovative. For a person like him it might not be a problem. Like now these types of promotions are into demand. For girls it’s different but guys its…..

(Innovation to the core!)

Sohail– so would you like to do something similar to him.

Eisha- probably not, the audience and viewers know it’s a crime.

Sohail– you have won Miss Ireland?

Eisha – yes, actually my father is from Ireland. So we stayed over there and my graduation from the Kingston University like I had been doing with the anchoring with travel XP HD on their show quest, It’s an heritage based show which was shoot in Istanbul and in Cyprus. I was really spiced up. It was based on heritage. So of course… for that reason, even my dad and we all were quite down towards Indian culture.

Sohail – it’s a request, I want you to repeat a sentence, and it’s a bollywood sentence from a bollywood movie. So it “eek chutki sindoor ki kemat tum kya janon ramesh babu and extends the complete dialogue”

Eisha– laughs okk “she repeats the sentence”.

(Quite sporting indeed!)

Sohail– I liked it and our viewers will like it.

Eisha– I loved it too, I am learning Hindi.

Sohail– so what are you fore coming projects.

Eisha– I am working with a horror movie.

Sohail– can you speak some lines from the movie in Hindi.

Eisha– I enjoyed working in the movie, it was fun. Some time we don’t like such movies as they are little creepy. But it was so much fun working in the movie.

Sohail– so any other projects.

Eisha– yes there are … few days back we have been shooting for one it’s called Zindagi ekk pal. This is with puja chopra, meera chopra, and hasleen kaur. It’s actually huge fun and ……. Let’s see.

(So we are going to get more of Eisha..)

Sohail– can you sing a Hindi song.

Eisha– ohh I am so embarrassed… actually I don’t know it’s something quite old.

Sohail– its okk.

Eisha– I don’t remember the movie…. It’s something about the anklets.

Sohail– okk…

Eisha– jhanjaria — run jhun run jhun.

Sohail – repeats and they enjoy.

Eisha– did you know that.

Sohail– yes, yes…

Eisha– he is just pretending… they laugh.

Sohail – what do you like the most, modeling or acting?

Eisha– its modeling at first as when I came to India I tried with modeling, but acting is something quite challenging. It needs determination, dedication. As I am learning Hindi, I will surely love to try for acting. I am doing many AD films and some commercial shows on television.

(Smart answer!)

Sohail – yes I am sure you are going to learn Hindi very soon.

Eisha– yaa, I am trying hard. Actually I had to speak Gujarati… but it’s quite different.

Sohail– Gujarati …. WOW. Can you speak?

Eisha—says … kem cho… maaza maa. Su khaocho

Sohail– su kareche…   they laugh.

(Her expression was worth watching..)

Sohail– so what would you like to tell our viewers on Filmy mantra?

Eisha– wow, it’s exciting… so it’s going to be exciting with the industry and the viewers.

Byeee… And keep watching the filmy mantra for more updates.

Sohail– it was a nice experience with you having here at filmy mantra. Keep watching and keep enjoying.

It was a good experience to have the miss globe Ireland on the show to discuss her views and opinions on her trip to bollywood and the actors. This was an excitement to hear some words and songs from her in Hindi. It was fun filled.

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