A Fan Wanted to Meet Anil Kumble But Was Too Shy, Kumble’s Gesture Will Win Your Heart


Former Indian captain Anil Kumble is a legend and enjoys a huge fan following all across the globe. One of the finest spinners of all time, Kumble has made us proud on many occasions. During playing days, he was known for his dedication and commitment towards the game making him the inspiration to millions of fans and several young cricketers. Despite the fame and recognition, he is still a very humble person, which makes us love him even more.

Former Indian cricketer rarely uses social media platform, but whenever he does he does it for good reasons. Recently, he made the day of his fan with his kind gesture.

It so happened that Anil Kumble was traveling through Bangalore-Mumbai flight, where one of his fans was also traveling on the same flight. She wanted to meet him but didn’t have enough courage to go up to him. So she (Sohini) took to Twitter to express her love and admiration for the legendary cricketer.

Her tweet reads,

“The legendary anilkumble1074 in my BLR-MUM flight. Glanced at him once and was reminded of that game in West Indies where he bowled with a bandaged jaw. Teared up a bit. Gawwddd, I’m such a sucker for cricket memories. 😭”

She further tweeted, “I want to go up to anilkumble1074 and say a ‘Thank You’ for all the joy, all the victories, all the memories. But, I am getting cold feet.”

However, it seems that it was her lucky day. Kumble himself took notice of her tweet and asked her to meet her in the reply. Kumble replied,

“Please feel free to come over and say hi after takeoff @Mittermaniac”

It was indeed the best moment for the fan, as she was able to meet her favorite cricketer after all. In another tweet, she shared the picture of the boarding pass, where she got the autography of the legend.

Sharing the image, she wrote, “Will have to get a boarding pass framed now. Thank you, anilkumble1074. Someday I want to learn humility from you.”

These small but heart-warming gestures prove why he is one of the greatest!