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16 TV Serials Whose TRPs Dropped When The Lead Actor Left The Show!

1. Manik aka Parth Samthaan – Kaisi Yeh YaariaanParth Samthaan left the show- Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan in the season 1 and as a result the show trp dropped. After on a fans demand actor made his comeback in the second season of the show.
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2. Kria aka Shakti Mohan- Dil Dosti DanceKria was the soul of [V] Dil dosti dance. Her sizzling chemistry with Reyaansh (Kunwar amar) in the show kept the viewers hooked to the show. Later Shakti decided to quit to show as she wanted to go USA to learn dance Later a new lead was introduced in the show who played the love interest of Reyaansh which didn’t go well with the viewers resulting in huge trp drop. 

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