16 Celebs Who Are Now Popular Restaurant Owners

Shruti Sharma September 5, 2016

Ambience and music play a vital role for those who are explorers and foodies. There are many celebs who realised that stardom is not the only source of income; their brand name can work in many other places too. Some have been lucky to attain success in both the fields, whereas the rest failed to win the hearts of the audience on the big screen and decided to choose any alternative for their livelihood.

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We must say that they made a smart move by opening a side business. They are successful restaurant owners today.

These 16 Celebs Are Now Popular Restaurant Owners:

  1. N Grill – Hyderabad

(By Nagarjuna)


Nagarjuna is a heartthrob in South Film Industry and has given a few hits to Bollywood too. He is super busy with his acting career till date, but that is not the only thing that limits him to try his skills in other ventures too. N Grill is the talk of the town due to its lip-smacking cuisines and courteous staff. You feel like home. The project was a dream project for the actor and his business partner, Preetam Reddy.


  1. Lap, The Lounge – Delhi

(By Arjun Rampal)


Mumbai and Delhi are the two major cities that cannot survive without groovy music at nightclubs. This was one of the finest decisions taken by Arjun as depression and boredom were evident on his face and we just couldn’t see him this way. Lap is meant for party hard people. The music is irresistible and food is a delicacy to relish.


  1. Asha’s – Dubai

(By Asha Bhonsle)


The legendary singer of all times is also an owner of popular chain of hotels, ‘Asha’s’. It is located in Dubai, UK, and Muscat. Her melodious singing has always created a revolution in every generation. She carries immense love from India, which is evident from every dish served with love. We wish she has a branch soon in India too, where we could hear her classic songs played in the background.


  1. Gondola – Mumbai

(By Perizaad Zorabian)


The sizzlers and seafood are something that you cannot afford to miss when you step in Gondola. Perizaad’s menu prepared at Gondola is highly recommended and mostly ordered by the celebs as home deliveries too. Next time you order from Gondola, you would know the reason behind this pretty charming restaurant.


  1. Royalty Club – Mumbai

(By Shilpa Shetty)


We dare you to make an entry if you have a heart for very loud music! It is meant for rock stars who love to wander at night and never sleep till late. This fancy night club is owned by the gorgeous diva, Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa has a hand of gold and she has attained success in everything she has touched, for instance, The Nightclub, IPL Team, Acting, and Modelling.


  1. Veda – Delhi

(By Rohit Bal)


The famous fashion designer, Rohit Bal has turned everything into gold. His experiments have given him fruitful results always. The awestruck interiors and delectable cuisine will make your day! People cannot stop themselves from passing by for its aromatic flavors filling in the air.


  1. Hype – Delhi

(By DJ Aqeel)


Who isn’t crazy for this super freaky DJ?  He will sweep you off your feet by his nifty music and crowd. A happening place like Delhi deserves it! It is meant for night party people, who do not have a habit of wearing watches to track time. The rock-solid DJ promises trendy ambience, trendsetting crowd, and killer music!


  1. Someplace Else – Kolkata

(By Bobby Deol)


The Deol family did not take a back seat for gaining popularity in the restaurant business too. The magnificent interiors and lovely ambience of Someplace Else really takes you to someplace of your imagination. Bobby Deol didn’t feel shy in spreading his charm at his lovely restaurant. The food and environment, both are worth a visit!


  1. H2O – Mumbai

(By Suniel Shetty)


Suniel Shetty’s H2O is one of the most popular joints in Mumbai. The food and crowd, everything makes this place a hit! If you ever visit here, try their most popular Long Island Iced Tea. It is the best!


  1. Tendulkar’s World – Mumbai

(By Sachin Tendulkar)


The master of cricket has hit high scores in food business too. He is a successful MP and now a crowd-pleasing businessman. One of the highlights of the restaurant is that every piece of crockery has a signature of Sachin carved on it, are you thinking what we are thinking? (Winks). The menu includes some of legend’s favourite dishes across the world. Make your reservations today!


  1. Butterfly Bakery – Mumbai

(By Sarah Jane Dias)


If you live in the fascination for cupcakes, this is the place to be. Sarah’s bakery includes oodles of cupcakes in various flavors. Damn, these are so irresistible in terms of temptation. Your taste buds are surely going to bless you after visiting Butterfly Bakery.


  1. The Elbo Room – Mumbai

(By Chunky Pandey)


This British style pub has a lot to offer you on your plate. Chunky’s, The Elbo Room is prominent for its lavish interiors, yummylicious oriental cuisine, delicious cocktails. It is a perfect place for chatters.


  1. Crepe Station – Mumbai

(By Dino Morea)


Crepe station is one of the rapidly growing café chains in Mumbai. Dino’s dimpled smile was a big delight on big screen. Now his restaurant is spreading its charm by serving delicious waffles, crepes, and pancakes. The restaurant is owned by Dino and his brother.


  1. ZK’s – Pune

(By Zaheer Khan)


The illustrious presentations of Indian, Continental, and Oriental cuisines at ZK’s are a hot topic of the town. You are surely going to get addicted by this one after paying your first visit itself. Get ready to explore the taste of cricketers.


  1. Bangali Mashi’s Kitchen – Mumbai

By Sushmita Sen


Bengal’s food has an ineluctable taste. Sushmita found the right way of tickling your tummy and tempting the cravings. The authentic Bengali food is just so delicious that we are finding it hard to control our saliva now.


  1. Monarch – Ooty

By Mithun Chakraborty


Monarch is not just opened in Ooty, it has spread its wings in Masinagudi and Mysore too. Mithun’s resorts are considered as the best chain of hotels in the South. The gorgeous lush green landscapes and perfectly cooked food brings heaven on earth. Mithun is very particular about the food quality, hygiene, and ambience of his hotels and it is evident through its stunning interiors as well as exteriors.

Next time you see their pictures, do not assume their failures; they have more money in the market through their business than any other actors…