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Hansal Mehta defends the Bollywood industry in a series of ‘untargeted’ tweets

Esteemed filmmaker Hansal Mehta has finally spoken up regarding all the hate Bollywood has been
receiving lately. He defended the industry and referred to the bunch of tweets he made an
‘untargetted ramble’.
A while ago actress Kangana Ranaut had opened about the regular consumption of drugs all over the
Bollywood industry in films, house parties and so on. She mentioned that she was exposed to many
vile things like dissipation, drugs and the so called ‘bolly mafia’.
Without targeting anyone, the director made a tweet mentioning how not each and every party has
had the kind of environment that is often being talked about lately.

In another one of his tweets he expressed how generalisation of the entire industry should be
avoided, calling it unfair that it has become all about sex, scandals and drugs.

He further revealed that if there are bad experiences, good ones exist too, which make the rest of
the negativity fade out.

Mehta mentioned that at the end of the day, everything depends upon what a specific individual
decides to choose, negativity or positivity.

The ‘Shahid’ director also had some wise words to say about moving on and coping.

Last but not the least, he ended his series of tweets by urging people to stop targeting the industry
that works to make content for entertaining people.

On the work front, Hansal has been working on the film ‘Chhalaang’ which was scheduled to release
this year but has been postponed due to the pandemic. He has directed the web series ‘Scam 1992’
which is a fictional telling inspired by the true incidents involving the financial scam pulled of by
Harshad Mehta. The promos of the show are out and it will soon release on Sony LIV.

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