Vidya Balan Makes SHOCKING Revelations Of Gender-Biased Salary In The Film Industry!

team filmymantra December 2, 2016
Movie promotions have become an indispensable part of movies these days. When the movies are slated to release you will see the actors are buzy in promoting the movie in each and every top reality show and even in other events. Kahaani 2 has hit the theatres today and that’s why we saw Vidya Balan almost everywhere these days.
Recently, she was interviewed by Delhi Times, The Times of India where she spoke her heart out about almost everything in her life – movies, motherhood, married life, issues with female actors face in Bollywood and many others. Some major excerpts from the interview are as follows
“I’ve played bigger roles in films and still the male actors have been paid more.”
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“There was a film, and I won’t name the actor, out of respect for him, but there was a film in which I was playing the bigger role, and he was getting paid more. And that bothered me. Because I am playing the bigger role! I am putting in more effort! I am not asking you to pay me for nothing, but you can’t pay him double of what you are paying me. I am not putting in any less effort, if at all, I am putting in more effort. These things – like waiting for an actor endlessly, while I am ready on the set – bothered me. Doesn’t matter if I am a woman or a man, but I take my job very seriously. So I will report on set on time, if you tell me 9 o’clock for an interview, I will be ready at 9. Now if someone walks into the set four hours late, by which time I have lost steam, I have to pull myself up again, to give a performance where I am not looking disinterested or angry.”
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“I worked really hard before earning the ‘hero’ tag.”
“I said to myself, why should I cower down? Why should I accept the second position? What makes you so special? What makes me any less special? We are both bringing something to the table. And if at all, I am bringing more to the table. Forget the length of the role, I am there on time, I am saving the producer’s money! I understand stardom, but as a woman, you have to do that much more to prove yourself. When I started out, I did not know this would be the trajectory, I did not know any better. But when I got the opportunities, I grabbed them. Naseer sahab was not promoting the film and Arshad was not there for all the promotions. But I went everywhere in that synthetic sari, promoting the film. But I was happy that I was doing all I could to get as many people as possible into the theatres.”
“I’ve been told to adjust for a male hero several times.”
“When The Dirty Picture released, I remember getting this call from the owner of this cinema in Bandra and he said, ‘Madam aap toh hero hain.’ I do think there is an inherent sexism when you say you are the hero of the film, but I also know where it is coming from. Considering that all this while, heroes have been the centre of every film for decades. So I let that be. But I began to feel a sense of vindication because there was anger in me. When I was told multiple times for several films that the hero has given the dates so you have to adjust, we won’t get his dates later. Khoon khaulta tha mera. I might be committed to some other film, but I would have to change things around.”
Well, we all know that Vidya has been a gem of a actor and a great human being. And of course we wish all the best to her movie from the entire team of filmymantra.