Mugdha Godse Angry With Salman Khan For Slamming Spouse Rahul Dev On Weekend Ka Vaar!

Rahul Dev is one of the most sought after contestant in Big Boss 10. Big Boss 10 one of the most controversial reality show is running it’s tenth season with a twist. This year Big Boss has also included civilians against the show’s format which is exclusive to celebrities. And since day 1 it has been a common complaint that celebrities are extremely lethargic and not taking active participation in the show. And one of the most targeted celebrity contestant is Rahul Dev.
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Model and actor Rahul Dev has been quite slow and shy on the show. It has been seen that Rahul takes least interest in any kind of nuances inside the house. He maintains a safe distance from any kind of controversies. And this attitude of his has been time and again criticized by the show’s host Salman Khan. He has been critical of Rahul’s performance since the beginning. He told that Rahul has been a fab actor and he has a huge fan following. Thus, his fan has been expecting a lot out of Rahul Dev. They are awaiting to see their favorite actor take a lead and come out as a successful figure in the show. But sadly Salman criticized Rahul by saying that it seems he is still in his shell and unable to get out of it.
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