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TV actor Gaurav Chopra’s father passes away a few days after his mother’s demise

Known for his roles in popular shows like ‘Aisa Desh Hai Mera’ and ‘Uttaran’, actor Gaurav Chopra
has lost his father. The news has come days after he lost his mother. Both his parents fell victims of
the highly life threatening coronavirus that has been spreading rapidly nationwide.
The actor confirmed the tragic news on his Instagram handle. As a tribute to both his parents he
wrote some absolutely soul stirring posts about them while posting pictures of them which looked
recent and from the past as well.
For his mother, the actor mentioned some fondest memories of her. He also mentioned that she
battled with cancer. His heartfelt caption read, “My mommy strongest !!
The first picture is from a year ago. Three years of cancer fighting of the worst kind ,three years of
non-stop chemo: and she was bucking us up !
Always the brightest spot of energy in the room . Always.”
He continued, “The beauty that did not need any kind of accentuation. It stood out .loved by all. To
the point of seeming like her fans. . . Inspired so a teacher, as a principal,as a colleague ,as
a friend ,as a human being pursuing spiritual growth over everything else..
I can go on and on .about a million things..she introduced me to everything in life
#MeriMaa was the strongest..
She left us yesterday…
In the other world she would be making everyone her fan ,I’m sure !
Aapka #kaanha”
For his dad, Swatantra Chopra, recalled many incidents about his father that left him inspired many a
times. Gaurav wrote, “Shri Swatantra Chopra
My Hero. My idol. My inspiration. .
Will I ever manage to be a millionth of a man that he was ?
Don’t think so..
The ideal man , the ideal son,the ideal brother, a man who always put family above EVERYTHING
He described him as an ideal father while revealing, “An ideal father …it took me 25 years to even
come to terms with the fact that all fathers are not like him.. That he was special .. I was blessed..and
as his son that’s the legacy I have inherited…loved and respected so so much more than I ever will..a
celebrity in its true terms. As a child , me walking down the street or the market always knew that I
was recognised as his son. By all. That the shopkeeper will greet me and take lesser money because I
was his son…was something that i was used to.. This : when he didn’t even know of their existence.”
He concluded by unveiling his jovial nature, “It was a regular affair to find some unknown person at
our gates bringing along a guest who was looking for our house. All you had to say was "Chopra
Saab’s house? " And anybody in that vast radius would bring you to the correct place. The love
,warmth and generosity that he had .. the idealism, the strength…
An ideal husband..devoted his entire existence towards making my mother better in these last four
years. To the point of getting a desease trying to protect her and then leaving all of us to keep her

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