Truth Revealed! Fitness Selfies Aren’t Really Fit

Truth Revealed! Fitness Selfies Aren’t Really Fit

1) Dark side of optics

These images of her are taken a mere 3-minutes apart. As explained, if only a few things are taken in consideration, you can create images that look as if you have lost 4-7 pounds. Let’s go through them one at a time. 

2) Tummy Trick!

To make your tummy look slimmer, all you need are perfect fitting clothes, mainly the underwear, not loose and not even slightly tight. Tights will make you body look larger. Standing straight and breathing with lung movements will make it perfect.

3) Light right!

Having natural and diffused light around profiles your body and doesn’t highlight too much details nor creates harsh shadows. Strong light is a strict no and so is dim light. Dim light also makes one look sad, low or unhealthy. In the above, also notice how rightly fitting and black underwear creates a slimming effect. 

4) Posture power 

Standing upright, straight back, shoulders and chest broadened and most importantly, the bright look on your face, that is basically all. Add to it, a feet shoulder width apart, hands near hips and not exactly hanging and slight twist along waist and slightly sideways angle make for the perfect pose. 

5) Now you know the trick! 

But what’s important is not how you look in the picture, but how you look at yourself in it. Go ahead, get pumping and working out but understand your unique body first and perfect it accordingly. And lastly, stop comparing yourself with others.