Subhash Ghai Awe Moment After Seeing His Own Picture At Madhur Bhandarkar’s House

Subhash Ghai is one of the legendary directors in the Bollywood Industry. He starred his Bollywood Journey with Kalicharan, Karz and went on to direct some of the best cinema over the years. At latest, Subhash Ghai was invited to be at the Madhur Bhandarkar’s house and he was elated when he saw his frame in the pictures.

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Madhur Bhandarkar makes reality cinema based on the serious topics and he gets all the inspirations from the legendary directors. Whether it’s Guru Dutt or Raj Kapoor or Subhash Ghai, these directors have inspired him in a big way. Madhur Bhandarkar was happy to see Subhash Ghai at his residence, Madhur even showed him the picture that he has placed at his home. After seeing the picture, Subhash Ghai felt elated.

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