Sonam Kapoor And Her 9 Dumbest Statements

Sonam Kapoor is an ethereal beauty and she even being referred as the true fashionista of Bollywood. Well, she is suddenly skyrocketed her sinking career with ‘Neerja’ and now she is on the top of the chart. Well, she has a good fashion sense but we don’t think that she has a good sense of speaking. No, we are not saying that she is not a good speaker but here we have ensemble a list of her comments which proves that she is still childish.

Here are 9 dumbest statements made by Sonam Kapoor:

  1. “I would give a sense of fashion to the entire industry. They all suck.”


  1. “People who make so-called art films, why do they have to take like, not so good looking people? Like why?”



  1. “Aishwarya Rai is an aunty from another generation.”



  1. “Ranbir is not sexy until he strips. “



  1. “Parineeti, don’t wear those tight clothes.”



  1. “I am considered an “Icon” in my 20s; whereas people are considered an icon in their 40s or after they die.”



  1. “If you look ordinary and act loud, it is rubbish.”



  1. “Deepika has an over enthusiastic PR team.”



  1. “Deepika Padukone doesn’t have her own style statement.”


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