REVEALED: Major Secrets Flight Attendants Never Tell Passengers

Travelling in a flight is very exciting for most of the population of the world and it is an experience of a life time for the passengers who can barely afford the high charges of travelling by flights! Such an opportunity also raises a lot of inquisitiveness amongst the people who are very much keen to know how and what and where about of the flight! While we live under the impression that the flight attendants shall let us know all we want to while they explain us the dos and don’ts of the journey, we are mistaken since the flight attendants tend to only tell us as much they need to and not everything about the flight! There are a lot many secrets kept from us!

Here’s presenting a list of Secrets that the Flight Attendants never tell the passengers!

1. The Water Source

The water served on a flight is not poured out from a bottle! The passengers are never aware of the secret source of this water!

2. The Seats

Who knows how well and how many of the tray tables are wiped off each time? That probably can be unhygienic for the passengers!

3. Air Payment

The staff on the flight is only paid for the time they are in the flight on fly and not for the time they spend at the airport!

4. The Shades

There is a rule to keep window shades open during takeoff and landing but there is a reason behind it. This is for the flight attendant to analyze the situation outside and decide on which side door to be opened in case of an emergency.

5. Self-Serve

The alcohol that you consume while in air has a changing effect on your breathing with the change in the altitude! The crew should take care about your alcohol consumption level!

6. Slide in Emergency

In an incident, a passenger wanted to get off the flight quickly and used the inflatable slider. This caused the flight to delay by the number of hours and caused more dollars in damage. The repack of same also need dollars to be spent.

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