Randeep Hooda promotes cleanliness in lockdown- cleans the Versova Beach, Mumbai

The lockdown might have brought our professional lives to a standstill, but there are a few people who always see the silver lining. Amidst many Bollywood actors, Randeep Hooda also shared his worldly act of protecting mother nature on the social media.

Randeep hooda
Randeep Hooda cleaning Versova beach

Unlike many others who either learnt cooking or cultivated their hobbies during the lockdown, Randeep has a performed a rather inspiring and persuading gesture. He went ahead and carried out a cleanliness drive at the Versova beach in Mumbai. He posted the same on his social media. Here’s what he said,

“This is the backyard of humanity and it’s not pretty..being a #Safaikarmachari (cleaning worker) to clean my backyard helping the tireless #frontlineworkers in the #MumbaiRains maintaining #SocialDistancing #masks let’s start respecting #MotherNature
what is your backyard?”

The pictures clearly show that Randeep carried out the drive with sheer safety measures. Social distancing and masks were top priority during his drive. He further posted about the drive on his Twitter account too with different pictures.

His friend Afroz Shah who was also a part of the cleanliness drive, shared pictures of Randeep and others working during the drive at the Versova Beach in Mumbai.

As soon as he posted the pictures, people applauded Randeep for his responsible pretence. To which he also shared another awe inspiring post urging his fans and other people to take up such initiatives too to keep mother nature clean.

This however, wasn’t the first time Randeep has demonstrated his love towards protecting our environment. Even in the past, Randeep has indulged into several cleanliness drives of beaches in Mumbai. In 2017 too, he carried out a cleanliness drive at the Versova Beach soon after the Ganpati Visarjan activities took place. Not just that, he had also provided 1,25000 liters of water to drought ridden villages of Maharashtra.

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