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Scientists CONFIRM The Hindu Mythology, Says That Ram Setu Is REAL And Man-Made

The great discussion on Ram Setu in India brings the biggest controversy in India while the Hindus believe that it’s built by God Rama with his army to reach Sri Lanka. There are very few who say that it has nothing to do with Hindu God and the events of Ramayana hasn’t taken place.

With the ground-breaking discovery on Discovery Science Channel that has claimed that Ram Setu Bridge was not a natural formation, it has been made-made. In the show, telecasted on US Science Channel, the scientists have stated that Ram Setu can never be formed in a natural manner, it’s the result of human efforts.

The images which are mainly taken from NASA satellite, the investigators has revealed that it’s a line of rocks that have stretched for 30 miles between Sri Lanka and India. They have explained that the stones are kept on the sandbar that has built up between the land masses. A detailed investigation has revealed that it has been found that the stones are more than 7000 years old while sand is 4000 years old.

However, the promotion of the Science Channel has created a buzz online with the caption that reads, “Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are.”

The discovery is aired on the television show gives several hints with American geologists and scientists that the bridge was man-made and not a natural formation. This has added more certainty to the mythological text in Ramayana that claims that Ram Setu was constructed under the guidance of Lord Rama. The Ram Setu connects Pamban Island to Maner Island, which is man-made. The famous geologist, Dr. Alan Lester also commented that the stones are kept on the sandbar that has brought from somewhere else.

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