On Much-Talked Question, Is Bigg Boss 13 scripted? Here’s krushna Abhishek has to answer


Bigg Boss 13, is the best season hosted by Salman Khan, one question that always has been the talk continues to arise again is whether the show is scripted or not. Actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek and his wife Kashmira shah appeared on the show.

As Krushna’s sister Arti Singh is currently inside the Bigg Boss house and he thinks that the format of the show has changed over the years and it is no longer spontaneous. In this season there is no love but a lot of fights.

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“Nowadays, everybody inside the Bigg Boss house knows what to say and when to fight so that it will appear on television,” said Krushna. The couple appeared for the promotion of his debut production ‘Marne Bhi Do Yaaron’.

Actress Kashmera Shah was an ex-contestant on Bigg Boss season 1. Krushna said, “In the first Bigg Boss, she did not have any idea (about how to act inside the house). Kashmera told another contestant that she was in love with Govinda’s nephew. And the next day it was out in the newspapers that Kashmera is dating Krushna.”

“That’s how our story started,” he added.

Marne Bhi Do Yaaron is a comedy-drama, produced by Krushna and directed by wife Kashmera. The release date of the film is on November 15.