After Nursery, Gauri Khan Designed Karan Johar’s Terrace


Apart from being a Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s wife, Gauri Khan is also a renowned interior designer. She has learned this craft over the years and now she has mastered in it. Recently, she designed Karan Johar’s baby nursery and now she has reincarnated Karan’s terrace.

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Karan Johar, who himself is a style icon, lives his life in a regal way. To match with his class and sophistication, Gauri Khan has designed his terrace. The terrace looks elegant and the best place to relax. It can also be used for the big meetings.
Take a look at the Terrace Photos:

After the terrace design was ready, Karan Johar took to Instagram to congratulate her. He captioned the image by saying, “My terrace designed by the exceptionally talented and beautiful Gauri Khan.” In return Gauri Khan said, “When the client is the inspiration, the result is gorgeous, thank you Karan Johar.”

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