Nora Fatehi, the upcoming bollywood sensation unplugged!

This is an interview of one of the most beautiful upcoming bollywood Diva, Nora Fatehi, who is initiating her career in Bollywood, with the movie “Roar the tigers of Sunderbans”. She is also going to be seen doing an item song in Mr. X Emraan Hashmi, karan johar.  Filmy Mantra journalist Sohail had a chatting session with Nora.

NORA– Hii (she wished all the viewers)

SOHAIL – Hello Nora

NORA – Hello and thank you for the lovely introduction.

SOHAIL– So how are you?

NORA– I am good.

SOHAIL – Okk…. So what has been your life story so far?

NORA– Well… where do I start…? (Sohail laughs), when I was a student ….. (Again Sohail laughs)

SOHAIL – With the same jovial attitude continues the same words…. Saying … you were a student … obviously.

NORA– Laughs….. I was a student and I ran from school….. I was a student in Canada which is all the way in the other side of the world. And I was a very good student who was quite into study. I was always thinking to become some teacher, lawyer.

SOHAIL– Was you always a study oriented girl.

NORA– Yes, if you ask my friends back of me, they will say you

SOHAIL- you mean to say big spaces on your eyes.

NORA – No aisa kuch nehin…. I use to walk around text books keeping them quite near to my face…… (Sohial — again laughs).

NORA– I was a very strange kind of girl… during exam time I cut off everybody … and just… you know the energy drinks… (Sohail interrupts giving his expressions with the subject). And during the festive time… I use to enjoy dancing on the stage…

SOHAIL – How much talented you are?

NORA– Laughs saying yes… so I was like a mixed child actually. I was going around and doing home. And I was called in home jack of trades. Sohail again interrupts with his repetition of the words). When I graduated from high school and went to university… I was in second year ….. I thought to do something with my life. And I had this passion in my life for performance like that of acting and dancing.  So I thought to just put a hold on my education and so I just got hold over there. I thought of going with the talent agencies. So I searched on Google about the agencies and got about the orange model management. So I called them and joined them. So someone wants me that in your first meeting don’t sign any contract.  (“Contract mat sign karo” in Hindi). Be very care full and I said yes yes…. I will. So I went into the office. When I reached there the people over there were so sweet with me. Then they asked me to sign the contract and I said yes yes… and after a week they send me to India to Bombay.

SOHAIL– India, do you like India?

NORA– Yes…. I like India… where people like you are there…  (Aha!!)

SOHAIL– He laughs and says saram aa gayee!!

NORA– Acchha (Hindi) laughs… so I came here for 3 months as in contract and I do not have any portfolio as I was completely fresher. So my first project was Dove, and it’s an international brand.

(Sohail acts like he is putting the soap showing his face as he pretends it to be Dove soap. But Nora tells her its dove shampoo and not soap)

NORA– It was laterally like that and she shaked her head with the act to show how they use to put the shampoo on their head. (Even Sohail reacted to her acting skills saying Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Sarabi). They laughed and enjoyed. Then Nora says something like that. She says Sohail that he

Has a good future in the industry. The laugh continues.

NORA– I continued with that saying that I got a good opportunity and four months later I landed at “roar”.

SOHAIL – Shows the reaction with his showing his fear to the poster where there is the tiger and like a tiger.

SOHAIL says to Nora that her Hindi is quite nice.

NORA becomes happy, saying accha …..Thanks…

SOHAIL says mujhe saram aa rahi hai.

Nora and Sohail chats with quite a lot of masti while talking about the topic.

NORA– That is my back ground

SOHAIL- Accha… okk that is very nice

So when did you discover your passion.

NORA – for acting

SOHAIL –  Yaa for acting.

NORA- It was when I was around 8 or 10 years old, when I was in school.

SOHAIL- Prompts kid.

NORA- Yaa I was a kid… bachha…   Sohail laughs

NORA continues; – we were all doing with the acting on the stage. It was my first monologue. I was very excited to work with that. I was excited to see students watching me on stage. I was doing Mary had a little lamp monologue. I was loved to do that and was so happy. It became a hike for me to work in these types of monologues and act on stage. This became a passion for me as I wanted to do play and act very much. But I suppressed it for a very long time as everybody said you won’t make a living out of acting or dancing. Then when I became an adult and matured. I decided that I will not do what anybody says. I will do what I want to.

SOHAIL– Ohh … mein bhi impress ho Gaya (Hindi) … baas.

So you have done a dance number with junior NTR.

NORA – yes… that was a week and a half ago. How do you know that (in Hindi)

SOHAIL-Aap key fan following

NORA – Accha….. I am impressed.

(They both laughs with making fun)

NORA continues- Yes I did that a week and half ago and it was my first job in the Telugu industry. It was an amazing experience with Junior NTR, Prakash raaj… kafi famous hain…

Sohail teases her … with her foreign ascent of Hindi.

NORA– And one more thing… mujhe Arabic atti hai… (She says in Hindi).

Sohail again speaks a few words in Arabic and there gets into the discussion.

The conversation continues.

Nora says that the song she danced with the Telugu industry was very special to her as it was choreographed by the very famous choreographer master sekhar. That is coming on December 15th.

SOHAIL– We are desperately waiting to see that dance number. So how have things changed since then.

NORA– since the song…

SOHAIL – yaa.

NORA– Nothing has happened much as it has not released yet. But the media has a lot of talk about it, and I have now bigger south Indian follower now.

SOHAIL – Ohh Anna (teases her with the Telegu term).

The laugh and entertainment continues.

SOHAIL – so coming to your movie “roar”. Tell us something about your movie.

NORA– Roar is an adventure and action movie.  This is actually. Saw the film today in the private screening with the cast and crew. And I was just feeling mind blowing,

SOHAIL– No doubt

NORA– It’s really an international movie and my debut film. I am playing a commando CJ.

She shows pointing her photo on the poster back her.

SOHAIL comments “cute”

NORA – Not cute. She is very dangerous (in Hindi) Sohail says hard core.

She says yes she is very hard core.

SOHAIL- I am sacred.

NORA- you should be scared…. She jokes saying not me. But the character CJ… laughing continues between them. It’s like a Hollywood film shot by micro Watson. Who is very famous DOP in LA, with making films based on aliens, he has done movies like bad boys and many more. He has shot the film spectacularly. Like if you want to have the sundarbans experience, you must watch the movie. We have aerial helicopter shots which went through the jungles and came up with more than 300 mts high to capture the beauty of sundarbans. It’s really a quite beautiful place (in Hindi).

SOHAIL asks have you ever been there (in Hindi)

NORA– Yes of course, for shooting (in Hindi) … She laughs and says we have spent almost 40 days in sundarbans. Not in the bay side. But the brackish side. And imagine in being at the centre of Bay of Bengal in a ship, with no internet, no phone, no T.V., no civilization. And nothing with you except your cast member almost 190 people.

SOHAIL- Ohh and it’s too much

NORA- Yes it’s too much… but it was nice experience.  (Continues in Hindi again)

SOHAIL teases with the same Hindi version and the laugh continues.

NORA laughs and says that this thing is a onetime experience in life. And for a new comer. This film with an actor or any actresses is really a push up all budgets. This is a high fiction film. It’s really you have to imagine with all tigers. You have to think with all tigers how you have to act, with the crocodiles in the water. How will be your action. So test your ability and I think this film is going to make a good review.

SOHAIL- Inshh Allah, Marhaba (in Arabic).

NORA – Its Arabic.

SOHAIL – Says yaa.

NORA– I will teach you.

SOHAIL replies would love to.

NORA laughs and continues.

SOHAIL– So what are you afraid of in real life.

NORA- phobias, I am not afraid of a tiger…

Sohail says then can you fight a tiger.

NORA – Why to fight … such a nice animal?

Sohail have fun with Nora on the tiger topic, the laughing continues.

NORA– I am scared on rats. (Sohail teases)

NORA- I hate them… like if you have a camera it would be the best shot.

Sohail teases her saying brings a rat….. The laugh continues with both of them.

NORA– I am scared if Bombay is full of rats. Even I can see a rat at the shot. I get scared of it. Even if no one sees it I get it in seconds. And that is my phobia.

SOHAIL- What kind of pick up line would you like to use on?

NORA – Last time I used the pickup line I was just 14 years. It was something very stupid. I didn’t remember about it also. (Sohail laughs). But that was not so big a pick up line. Boys just don’t hit on me. They just stare and that is it. That’s what they do just look at me.

SOHAIL – that’s what I am doing now.

NORA laughs…. It’s just in a wrong way…And laughs on Sohail.

SOHAIL- Even if you want to go I am not going to leave you (in Hindi)

NORA and SOHAIL continue to laugh and giggle.

SOHAIL- Ok, what qualities do you want in your boyfriend or love?

NORA– He should be physically attractive (Sohail again teases her… making her feel free to talk with)

She teases Sohail with his gesture saying him nice looking with the pink shirt.

SOHAIL- Would you tell our viewers how someone would attract a beautiful girl like you?

NORA- By the walking gesture… looking great and coming and asking wow…. What a beautiful shoes. Where did you bring that and quite more in an impressive manner. Talking about the shoes will later take the discussion to the family talks and ask about having a sister and all about. Then it would proceed to what are you doing and then stretch it to quite a long interactive extent. And that would be an amazing conversation. (Sohail and Nora get quite interactive and then the laughing and giggle continues)

SOHAIL- What is your favorite movie?

NORA- I have a strange taste… like every movie entertains me. So I have a big list of movies.

SOHAIL– So you can just mention a few?

NORA– Bollywood or Hollywood?

SOHAIL- Bolly wood.

NORA- Barfi. I loved Black, Paa. (Sohail teases with every dialogue from the movie)

Nora laughs and enjoys the time with the discussion

She continues, Paa, I just watched Haider, it’s very nice (Sohail again imitates the dialogues)…. Also it’s a very nice movie, also now I saw Roar which is good. (Sohail again imitates on the dialogues of the movie. Then he thinks if he could have been the tiger (impressive talks with Nora). I love dev das it’s a kind of great movie. Both Sohail and Nora imitate the dialogue “mardala”.

SOHAIL asks who do you like the most.

NORA-   I like the dialogues.  (Sohail imitates the dialogues of Paro).

SOHAIL– Who is your favorite actor?

 NORA – Like actor and actress…. Male or female… (Sohail… says any). I like Irfan khan and I like farhan akhtar and I like Tabu. And I like priyanka chopra, she is very good. I just watched Mary com. She has done a fabulous acting.

SOHAIL– So anything else you love besides acting.

NORA- I love dancing.  I am a professional dancer. I used to teach in Bombay for a couple of months. And even love pondering people like Leech.

SOHAIL flirts and Nora laughs.

Both of them talk about dancing and enjoy the commentary on each other.

SOHAIL- Any future plan or projects?

NORA– Yes, I have a film releasing in January.  Produced by prakash jha it’s called get together family. It’s quite a funny film which is quite crazy about a psycho family. There is an item song which has got Imran hasmi and has many good characters as well. There are many others as well. But I am not going to talk about any films that are going to come.

SOHAIL – Should I ask anything else?

NORA- Should I ask you a question about your girl friend?

SOHAIL- I do not have a girl friend … he laughs

The discussion continues long and both of them enjoys it.

NORA – So Filmy Mantra followers Sohail from the team is very cute and sweet and encourages the fan to have Sohail as a boy friend. (It’s quite funny and interesting)

The fun continues…

SOHAIL- So any dialogue from your movie?

NORA- Yes…  “Tumhe yeh mehnga padega” that is all I will tell and you have to go and watch.


SOHAIL– Anything for our viewers? Can you sing for our viewers?

NORA– Are you crazy… I have the worst voice. If I sing these windows will burst.

SOHAIL consoles her in Hindi.

Both of them then continue singing the song “Hum Tere Bin Aab Reh Nehin Saktey”

SOHAIL– Any message for the viewers?

NORA- Please go and watch the movie “roar, the tigers of the sudarban”with your family, neighbors and any one you like. And please support us.

SOHAIL- Thanks you …. This was so exciting to be with you.

Both greet each other’s and Sohail says good byee from Filmy Mantra…

This was Nora Fathei the female lead of Roar the tigers of sunderban with Sohail from FilmyMantra.

You Can Watch The video Here

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