List of Copied Bollywood Songs that will make you take down the credits!

Music plays an influential role in our life by which we can relax, enjoy, dance, sing along the tune depending on the genre. Believe me, there wont be a single person on the face of earth who haven’t sung a song once in his lifetime or haven’t listened to one because songs are of such a kind which can’t be missed. Everyone have their unique list of favorite songs which they tend to play that number at any time. We have seen the evolution of music from the usage of hand made instruments to the present DJ mixing. The list of songs delivered to the Bollywood fans goes so big that one cannot have every song as their favorite but will surely have listened the popular ones at least once.We start to give credits and praise the songs if we liked them but what if I told you there are some popular songs which were actually copied from somewhere? well, you may start disgracing them or take down the credits given to them, so have a look at the list of copied Bollywood songs and check if there is your favorite song in the list.

10. Mehbooba Mehbooba

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This Evergreen song in the Bollywood history is from the Blockbuster Movie Sholay which was released in 1975 in India and has got a never ending fame, people still talk about this movie and in some places it is still watched in theaters. The Song ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ directed by R.D Burman seems to be copied from ‘Say You Love Me’  by Demis Roussos which was released a year before the release of ‘Sholay’.

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