Do you know that Harman Baweja’s Brother is All Set to Make His Debut in Bollywood?

Well, this is news and the confusing trailer will add to more news in future! It is because of the title of the movie; ‘A Scandall’. But, why are there two L letters in the title? Perhaps, that’s the superstitious way Bollywood has always worked for. It seems the trailer has already released and to many it is still news.

There is some confusion related to the trailer and the genre of the film. According to a few people who have seen the trailer, it seems to be a typical inspirational movie based on lusty desires, while to the rest it seems like a thriller love story. It is doubtless to say, that the entry to the Bollywood movies holds lot of sex and intimacy in scenes.

The critics and sources have already marked their comments by stating that if someone makes a sense in the movie as per the trailer, then it is Manav Kaul. The web worms are already aware of the Johnny Baweja’s MMS news that went viral on the social sites. The MMS was about kissing a girl in the clip. Now, call it a moderate publicity stunt or a half-priced promotional trick, whatever it is, there is not much the team could do to make the audience impatient for Johnny’s entry as well as the movie.

To be honest, people are bored of the smart, witty actors with an attitude on their face; they are looking for someone who has the innocence on his face and lots of dedication in his acting. These two are the only factors why Harman could survive in the Bollywood industry by acting in a few good films. We hope that Johnny Baweja manages to fit the role and the movie is at par with the audience expectations.

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