Khaidi No 150 Telugu Movie Review

Khaidi No 150

Khaidi No 150 Movie Review :

Chiranjeevi is back on the silver screen after a gap of 10 long years.  As remakes are also common in the Southern film Industry, this Telugu film is a remake version of a Tamil super hit film. Kajal Aggrawal is cast opposite the super star. The soul of the story is a goon escaped from prison to flee to another foreign country changes his mind after an incident. Double roles, comedy, peppy dance numbers, action and drama all jammed together we have this thriller Khaidi No 150.

The story: Chiranjeevi’s character Kathiresan, a criminal has made his way out of Kolkata jail. He is desperate to escape to other country when he comes across Shankar his look alike. He barely saves his life and takes him to the hospital. Following this he decides to impersonate Shankar thinking it is the only way to fool police. Now Kathiresan has a new life but what follows is bigger challenges ahead. As he begins his new journey he realizes that Shankar was actually a hydrology engineer who was trying to improve the living standards of the village folks. Kathiresan embarks on the same mission and what awaits him in the future is intriguing.

Performances : As this is the return of the Boss of Telugu cinema, it had to be a mega budget extravaganza. Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No 150 is bold, grand and entertaining. And the credit of course goes to Chiranjeevi himself who hogs the screen space most of the time. His is an action packed performance and we must say the middle aged actor looks very fit and active for his age. He can actually give some major fitness goals to the present clan of actors.

Actress Kajal Aggrawal has some acting to do in the film but her role could have been made prominent and performance oriented. Kajal is surely an actress with high potential and she has proved it time and again. But we wonder whether her talent has been done justice to in this film.

Besides the lead actors, supporting actors too have done a good work. Ali, Brahmanandam, Rabhu essay their parts impact fully.

Director Vinayak has handled the subject with great maturity. Although it is a remake but the story has been modified to suit the grand style of Chiranjeevi. With the Telugu regional flavor alive in the story, it is sure to catch up among the small city audience too. In big cities like Hyderabad, the audience has given a positive word of mouth. Chiranjeevi’s action and the story seem to have got a warm reception among the audience.

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