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Kareena Kapoor in Rumours Of Her Pregnancy Again! Was She Showing Her Baby Bump Recently???

A lot of rumours have been happening in regard to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy.  Recently, Kareena’s statement to an interviewer that she looks forward to a baby and she will continue to work even after her delivery raised more confusion on the confirmation of this good news.


Well, that’s not all! Kareena Kapoor recently met a list of Paparazzi and in her pictures, the bump was more evident.  According to the media reaction and news, it does look like a Baby Bump. Well, Kareena and Saif Ali Khan have decided to remain silent on this rumour, but things are getting impatient for her fans to guess the news.


In her recent interaction with the media reporters, she neither denied nor confirmed her pregnancy news. She told to the press; “I think people have always been speculating (about various things). But whenever the time is right, and whenever it (the pregnancy) happens, Saif (Ali Khan; husband) and I will be the first ones to talk about it [publicly]. We don’t look at it as an invasion of our privacy because people are going to talk anyway. So, Saif and I will tell the media and our fans whenever there is such a thing. People should just wait for us to talk to the press.”


So, does it mean that she is waiting for the right time to disclose the news or waiting for her pregnancy to happen? Some people do wait for a few months of expectancy before they share it out to their friends and loved ones. Well, if it is the same case with Kareena, we truly hope that she shares whatever is in her mind as her fans are eager to know it.

We are sure that Saif and Kareena’s baby is going to be super cute like his/her parents.

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