Kangana lashes out at Uddhav Thackeray on Twitter: Your father’s good deeds can give you wealth, but you have to earn respect

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has been facing serious trouble on her Mumbai office on account of the spat between her and the Maharshtra CM. The actress tweeted today addressing the demolition drive carried out by BMC as sheer dynasty politics.

Kangana tweeted,  “Your father’s good deeds can give you wealth, but you have to earn respect. You will shut my mouth, but my voice will echo in a hundred millions after me. How many mouths will you shut? How many voices will you press? Till when you will run away from the truth, you are nothing but a sample of dynasty.”

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana also mentioned that several “Marathi friends” of her called her after the demolition took place. She said, “Many of my Marathi friends cried on the phone yesterday, some gave me many contacts for help, some were sending food at home which I could not accept due to security protocols, this black act of Maharashtra Government should not hurt the Marathi culture and pride in the world. Jai maharashtra.”

Kangana further added that the people of Maharshtra too have condemned the “gundagardi” act by the BMC. “I would like to specifically explain that the people of Maharashtra condemn the hooligansim done by the government, A lot of my Marathi well-wishers have phoning me, the people in the world or Himachal Pradesh who are sad in their hearts, do not think that I do not get love and respect here” she wrote.

Earlier the actress also called out upon “fancy feminists” and “Bullywood  activists” for not standing in her support. “Fancy feminists, Bullywood activists, candle march groups and award vapsi gang has no comments on what High Court said about open murder of law and order in Maharashtra. Well done, thank you for proving me right always, you all deserve the treatment you get from me.” wrote Kangana

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