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IndiGo Asked Passengers A Question With A Funny Meme, Got Brutally Trolled In Return

IndiGo Airline has been making lots of headlines sadly for all the wrong reasons. The airline company has once again landed itself in controversy for a question they asked the passengers on Twitter. It is not the question that got them trolled, it is the way they decided to ask it.

IndiGo thought of posing a very important question by using memes. After all, memes are the language people understand apparently. You may remember “Really, really, really” meme, which was quite a rage in 2018. Basically, this meme involves using multiple really-s to emphasize the importance of something.

The official Twitter handle of IndiGo asked their passenger a question by using the same meme. They were asking why passengers like to stand up when the seatbelt sign is on. The company must have thought that it was a funny way to preach, however, it soon backfires on them. First of all check out the Tweet:

This tweet has not gone down well with the netizens, as they soon started trolling IndiGo like never before. Some of them even complained about the poor customer service of the company. Look at some selected tweets down below.

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