Hina Khan bonds with Priyanka Chopra, thanks for introducing her as a star to everyone at Cannes 2019

TV actress Hina Khan, who is known for her style statement has made the most anticipated debut at 72nd edition of Cannes Film Festival. At Cannes event Hina met Priyanka Chopraand her husband Nick Jonas, actresses Diana Penty and Huma Qureshi and posed for a picture. Hina donned a black pant suit for Chopard party. Unfortunately, Deepika Padukone left for Mumbai on the same night.

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Hina Khan wrote a heartfelt message for Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra who introduced her to the people in the party. Hina expressed in her message that she felt like an outsider until Priyanka walked in and she was at her side at every moment.
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“An unexpected invitation by a world star.. personally, after I gained consciousness and prepared myself to finally make it, I was still an outsider but only until you arrived. You didn’t need to, but still never left my hand for a second, introduced me to the people I probably wouldn’t have met and I felt as if all the achievements of my little career happening in fast forward as you present me as a star to each one of them. You somehow know everything ..as you mentioned my debut film and praised me for my hard work and appreciated me for the risks I have taken in my choices. Yes, I have taken risks and I am still taking them, whatever I almost have everything in my television career ..position, power, money everything. But someone has to start somewhere I believe. I always wanted to break the stereotypes and prove it to the world that television actors have it all.,” Hina wrote.


“Give us the opportunity our fair share and we will kill it.Not easy at all I know.. But ya I will keep trying keep working hard and make it possible.. I REPEAT TELEVISION HAS IT ALL.. Talent, Glamour, Elegance, Beauty, Grace, Right attitude, and Professionalism. I am taking baby steps, And I will keep doing that no matter how much criticism one has to face and I will make my own place I promise.. we will face it and win over it as long as we are together. Heartfelt Gratitude to each one of you for standing by me WE HAVE IT ALL GUYS… With my first debut film called LINES, I am trying hard very hard to erase the lines created between talents and mediums,” she added.

Hina Khan concluded saying that our desi girl Priyanka Chopra believes in lifting others and growing together.
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