Govinda on Dancing Uncle: More than half a dozen heroes have copied my steps, and nobody has done it so well

Recently, a middle-aged man went absolutely viral over the internet with his amazing dance moves. The netizens went crazy after watching the uncle dancing so flawlessly to the tunes of Govinda’s hit songs. We are talking about none other than the one and only “Dancing Uncle”, who became an internet sensation in no time. He became a star after his dancing video to the tunes of ‘Aapke Aa Jane Se’ from the movie ‘Khudgarz’ went viral on the web.

About dancing uncle’s dance video Govinda said, “Thanks to that person who has danced on the song of my movie which came many years ago and the song has got popular due to that person. I saw it and I liked it, he has done it very well.” On how he came across this video, his answer was, “Someone sent me and I showed it to my wife as well. I have seen nearly half-a-dozen actors copying my moves but this guy has done remarkably well.”

On the fact that the dancing uncle exactly copied him, Govinda said, “The main thing about it is that he was enjoying a lot, he never thought of getting famous, he was just having fun. We actors do it because we are asked to do it.” “I always try to do something unique which has not been seen in dance but this guy gives an impression that he is copying Govinda very well and he is doing great. Every artist likes to see his work repeated by someone else. He is dancing so good despite his tummy is out and I feel he is quite different from others and I haven’t seen someone else like him”, he added.

On asking if he has a message for the dancing uncle, Govinda said, “Thanks for the way you have copied my dance and keep on enjoying like this. Your wife has also enjoyed the moment and I liked the way she also danced a little in UP style.”

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