Get to Know an Electrifying Vlogger with Brilliant Skills Aka Sachin Bhati

They say, “Talent never hides, it Examine, Discover and Explore the hidden you!”
Let’s read the story of one such person with brilliant skills and absolute passion to live his dream life. Yes, it’s none other than Sachin Bhati, a famous Vlogger.

YouTube is a shelter for many aspiring actors, video bloggers etc. It has become one of the famous platforms for them nowadays. The video blogging communities also have expanded their roots and continuously helping in bringing smile on everyone’s faces. Vloggers aka the Video Bloggers are the becoming the reason of smiling for many. Sachin Bhati is amongst them who always wanted to live his dream life and yes, he is living it!
Born and brought up in Ghaziabad, Sachin came from a middle class family. Since childhood he was attracted towards acting, dancing and sports. He was an average student in class, but had good leadership skills. He was elected as a Head Boy of School in class 12th.

Sachin used to watch movies for many hours and try copying the dance steps, acting as well as do mimicry of the actors. He was absolutely fascinated towards acting, dancing, mimicry etc. Seeing his attraction towards this, his parents make him join the dance class, but due to his 12th class studies, Sachin left the class early.
Sachin has completed his BTech Degree from Noida International University. He is a BioTech Engineer. Well, ever wondered an Engineer would become a Video Blogger? This is called Passion! An urge to define who you are by seeing hidden talent in you is called passion to follow your dreams. Sachin Bhati showed us, that if one decides to follow his dreams, he certainly can make it true!
Sachin was also a member of College Drama Team and has actively taken parts in many acts and won awards too.

Sachin’s main supporters were his parents. They believe in him, showed trust on him and allow him to follow his dreams.

Amit Bhadana, renowned YouTuber and bestie of Sachin Bhati helped him to achieve his dreams as well. Sachin not only help him for his videos but also acted in many videos. His amazing acting skills made him gain much applause from every front. Sachin found himself lucky to be a part of Amit Bhadana team which taught him minute details of acting.
Sachin is a hardcore wanderer. He loves to explore places around. Since childhood he was fan of visiting many places. Thus, he created his own YouTube channel, named “Sachin Bhati” wherein he will travel places, explore them and also get a chance to meet his audiences.

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Sachin believes in hard work and destiny. He says, “Keep working hard, and it will definitely take you to a better place” Indeed a positive attitude!
Sachin whenever meet new aspiring actors, he encourages them to follow their passion as he thinks that passion gives you the wings to reach higher.
Sachin Bhati is truly an electrifying video blogger. Really, hard work, dedication and passion to follow your dreams certainly make you reach to your ultimate goal.

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