Exclusive updates from Celebrity Artist and Social Worker Rouble Nagi

She is one of the famous artists, whose life is an inspiration. And not only that but also a muralist and social worker. She is Rouble Nagi, the art expert who along with her Rouble Nagi Art Foundation is one of the very few who truly believe in what they do. Graduated in fine arts from London, Rouble has been remarkably successful in her endeavors. In all fairness she defines the perfect beauty with brain. We had an exclusive interview with the incredible Rouble Nagi, and here are the excerpts from the interview.

Rouble, being born in Jammu and Kashmir, and having exhibition all across India. How has been your life so far?

Though I was in Kashmir for a short period. My dad was in army. I have been traveling all across. When I was of 3 years old we were out of Kashmir and we used to go once in a year to see our grandparents. And I believe to have more memories now of Kashmir than of my child hood. And for the exhibitions I give a big thanks to my parents and the army background. You know we travel to different cities every year and India is so versatile in culture. Indian tradition and culture is so beautiful.

Every city you go to. You will be able to see completely different kind of people their festival, food, color their clothing which is different. So lot of my inspiration comes for my art from my travel and the things that have created the circumstances. My travel had been a great part of my exhibition. I have not just exhibitions across India but also other parts of the world.

(Quite impressive indeed!)

Ok you studied arts in London and a lot of young inspiring artist are moving to Europe to learn arts. Do you think institutions in art are little behind when it comes to schools of art and creativity?

Honestly, I would not agree to that. But yes art in India is not accepted to as a full on carrier for the loving youngsters in few years back. Few days in Kolkata one of my teachers was saying to his workers kid that if you misbehave we will make you an artist and you will have no carrier. (she laughs). So people also have that thinking. But art also origins from west Bengal, they have such fantastic artists, we have artists from Maharashtra, there are also artists from Mumbai. They have also a fine artistic hand. So I would say when it comes to European Art. I didn’t go to London to learn European art.

Because I thought Indian art colleges were quite behind. But when it comes to exposure the art colleges and institutes in abroad are far ahead because their technique of teaching art is different than what is being taught in Indian colleges. But I believe you have been born as an artist. You should know what you want to paint. You should be commissioned to work. But when it comes to painting while doing my own painting I have to be inspired. I have to feel what I have to paint that’s why that painting becomes priceless. But if we commercialize that painting we have to put a price tag to it. So for me every piece of my art is quite close to my heart. I keep telling my friends that they are all like my babies they are priceless.

You have travelled all across for exhibiting your painting. Where do you think people are more aware and appreciable to the art?

I have travelled all across the world. But in India you know Delhi by far have been the most appreciating city for arts. People here are quite attracted towards art. They have big homes. They love to have these paintings in their homes. It’s like a positive approach to the young painters who have been exhibiting in Delhi to come forward and show their work. So Delhi is wonderful. All the other cities are also great. But my personal experience in Delhi has been great!

What inspired you to pursue in this field?

As I told you needs to be born as an artist. I don’t know what it is; it might be god’s grace. And thank you for making me an artist as I am best in it and I am just in love to it. And I am so passionate about my art and you know when I was a kid who ever saw my hand use to say ohh this is an artist hand. Probably because of my long and thin hand. So I got a lot of complements for being an artist and at that time when somebody said that became true.

You have so many friends in bollywood and you are often seen with them. So do you like bollywood?

I love bollywood. I love all my friends. I think they are super talented. As I would say they are called artist as well.  Even as I paint I am called artist as well. So when the word artist comes it’s like with any human being it relates to creativity. I have seen my friend’s really working so hard shooting and doing stunts and giving those romantic scenes, make up and that hard work as well. We see them for just 2 to 3 hours on screen and give our judgment. But they are always quite into hard work. I love bollywood and always love my friends.  Even if they were doctors I would also love them for being doctors. And it’s all about my friends and not only bollywood.

So, which is your favorite film among the ones that you have seen recently?

laughs…… I am very biased by my friends… but to be very honest. The movie Kick because sajid is my good friend and so is salman. And I genuinely loved the movie. It’s something different like something trendy, up class kind of film. That is why it’s so well and salman in this film is outstanding as always. I am not saying this because he is my friend. But this is because of the matter of the work he does.

So, would you like to say us something about your mural designs?

See, I have worked in 38 mediums being one of the few or probably the only Indian artist who does so many. For me creativity started in four basic mediums painting Marble, glass, tiles. And now in around 38 it includes fibres, terracotta, metals and many more. So we thing art is very versatile and you keep creating them. I do sculptors, I do painting, and I do murals. I have a company that corpotises art so you can get 5000 paintings in one go you know one cannot spend lacks of rupees in painting and all. So there comes my company who provide 100 and 1000 of paintings within budget. So we have picketed to everybody and my passion drives me to work. I think I cannot think anything else except my art and my child my baby.

So would you like to share some thing about your NGO Rouble Nagi art foundation?

This foundation is very close to my heart because I love kids and god has blessed me with few thousands of kids in the slums and it is increasing, hope it increases more with god’s grace. And my passion towards the foundation started at a very young age. I just worked with help kids not just in slums because I was a kid I was not allowed to go to the slums. But anybody that I saw around me I just jump to help in the street. If there is a fight happening on the street I use to separate it. And this foundation is promoting art classes and there are even students whom I fund for education.

There are also students in m class whom I teach art. So I want to reach as many as possible. The aim of this foundation is education for all and not charity as its equality. Because I don’t believe in charity. All love to have a fancy life and after that if we can give back something to the society and specially kids as they are the future of our nation and any nation. It’s not the money. It’s like we can give them medical treatment once, feed them once and this would be for a time period. But if we give them education it would not give them immediately but it would help them in future sometime. They can stand on their feet, getting a life and getting a support for their family throughout their life. Because in the slums there are a lot of family members in their house and earning members are quite less. So when you educate them they will get the job in their life and would stand on their feet and this is the aim of the foundation.

Ok… So as it is all known that there are great supporters of Rouble Nagi art foundation like Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi, Susmita Sen, and Zayed Khan. So would you like to talk about the association?

They are all good friends and they are all associated to the foundation as some where they think that they know that this foundation is doing a great job . Salman already is doing so much with being human who is fabulous and everybody know what kind of person he is. He always comes out to help anybody who needs any kind of help and support like that of any medical help and many others. Whereas susmita, sonam, imran zyed are all related and are lovely people. And to do charity you need to have that heart that can do charity and help somebody. Whenever there is any event of the foundation I always say media that there are so many people who promise for charity but there is few who delivers. For calling susmita sen for an opening of the art that is done by the children is not just media. But they are the brand ambassador. They are related to bollywood which is noticed and registered than a businessman talking or an industrialist talking because bolly wood is from the richest to the masses. And a big thanks you and so much of love to my friends for being so supportive and for the complete unconditional love.

Ok… you were awarded with the jija mata awards for social work. So tell us something more about it.

Yes I got the award last year in Delhi. I think last year 6 women were selected across India. It was for my social work. I feel honored for it because when you are appreciated for doing something nice. It just gives you moral post and makes you happy. And I think words are great way to show people that if you are doing something good. So always think well and make sure that if you are doing something good try to do 10 times more. Because after this award I was given the young achiever women award which was an online based. This was being voted online where people voted 3 artists across the world. I was one of them and I felt so great about it. It’s a great way to honor people and also a way to push them, you know like I got 3 awards and I want to earn more 3 awards for which I have to work hard. And I would try to put my best for the work. So I am thankful to the Govt. of India for the jija mata award and feel honored for that.

So what are your current and future projects?

okk ….. I am working with many projects right now and once they are completed there will come future projects. (She laughs) but you know in some areas you cannot talk about the projects. I have recently I have installed 3 of my beautiful marble sculptures in Delhi 2 days back and is really looking forward for it. I am starting my new tree of life that is of the marble sculptures which is almost like 18 feet tall and 4 feet wide and it’s going to be a great sculptures. So I would be sitting 24 hours for that from next week for a good start. I am looking up with lot of new projects for which I am really looking forward.

Any message for our viewers about your art?

All I would say when it comes to social work or helping anybody do not think twice. Because those few seconds that you give for them will change their life completely. And that will also be a blessing for all who help. That would help to change their life. So please go for it and do it. And for all my young and upcoming artists keep doing good work and do not commercialize art. Because art is something that is close to every body’s heart and an artist is a born and true artist.  You feel you love it’s your passion. Come out of your colleges go to galleries because in India we have a lot of govt and private galleries who will help you exhibit your show. So never give up even if you do not get your booking in first or second attempt. Because life is all about going on. So it’s all my best wishes to all and has fun and keep watching Filmy Mantra.

This has been an incredible interview indeed with one of the most popular young artists of our country. To enjoy the complete video interview below

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