This Is What The Cast Of ‘The Karate Kid’ Looks Like Now!

1. Ralph Macchio, Then

He is well-known for his roles as Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid. In movie his character was bullied by nemesis, Cora Kai. Mister Miyagi trained him to fight back against his foe.

Ralph Macchio, Now

In February 2011 he participated in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. He was eliminated during the semi-finals. He will be next seen in Cobra Kai which is continuation of The Karate Kid series.

Pat Morita, Then

He is best recognized for his role of Mister Kesuke Miyagi the one who trained Daniel to fight back against his foe.

Pat Morita, Now

He died on November 24, 2005 due to kidney failure. He was last seen in American Fusion in 2005 where he played the role of Lao Dong.

Martin Kove, Then

He played the role of played the role of Sensei John Kreese. He played the role of villian in the film because of his unethical training practices.

Martin Kove, Now

In 2017 he worked in Bring Me A Dream where he played the role of Sheriff Jack Miller and also appeared in TV series named The Goldbergs where he played the role of Karate Sensai.

Pat E. Johnson, Then

Pat E. Johnson played the role of referee in the first The Karate Kid film. His character in the film was like any other referee whose responsibility to ensure that that the battles were conducted properly.

Pat E. Johnson, Now

He is a 9th degree black belt in the art of American Tang Soo Do. He was trained traditionally in Korean Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan in 1963 when he was a chaplain in the U.S. Army.

Elisabeth Shue, Then

She portrayed the role of Ali mills who was a love interest of Daniel LaRusso in the film. She was a a high school cheerleader from Encino. Johnny Lawrence happens to be her ex-boyfriend who breaks her radio while bullying.

Elisabeth Shue, Now

She was last seen in 2017 film Battle of the Sexes where she played role of Priscilla Wheelan. Her upcoming movie is Death Wish which is scheduled to release in 2018.

William Zabka, Then

He played the role of Johnny Lawrence who is a most amazing villain ever. In film he defeated Daniel in of the most heroic moment. Johnny Lawrence happens to be her ex-boyfriend of Ali Mills in the film.

William Zabka, Now

He appeared some of the notable projects and was also nominated at Academy Award nomination for his work co-writing the film Moist.

Ron Thomas, Then

He played the role of Bobby Brown who  disable Daniel with an illegal attack to the knee. He did that reluctantly to get disqualified.

Ron Thomas, Now

Thomas practices jujitsu in real life. In the year 1994 he won world championship for the same. He was also starred in the 1987 film, Night Screams.

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