‘Bride’ Yuvika Chaudhary Blushes As Prince Narula Goes Down On His Knee For Her

Prince Narula is setting high bars of being and ideal boyfriend. After getting tattooing Yuvika’s name on his back, he went on his knees for Yuvika at fashion show where Yuvika was walking in a bridal attire.  A video is shared by prince’s fan-club on Instagram. Have a look:-


Prince and Yuvika appeared together in a Punjabi beat titled ‘hello’. While talking to media portal, Yuvika expressed her feelings for Prince and working with him. She said-

“ We enjoy each other’s company. He always has been true about his feelings and is genuinely a nice guy. But any girl will take time to think about it before committing.”

Yuvika Chaudhary too uploaded a video on her Instagram handle where she was walking hot on ramp and her boyfriend Prince Narual who was sitting in audience was hooting loud for her. At the head ramp, Yuvika even blushed seeing him and gave him a flying kiss.


Prince Narula never leaves a chance to express how much he loves Yuvika. He said-

“I’ve been dating her in my head since a long time. I’ve loved her since Big Boss and initially thought it was one-sided till she explained that she needs time. I’ve told her that whenever she is ready, we’ll take the relationship forward.”

He further added,

“People call us fake but we have crossed the stage where it would have mattered. We are the first couple from any reality show that is set to get married. And while many consider us role models, some spew venom on us. But they don’t know us and our relationship, so it’s fine.”

Well this is rare that two stranger who met on reality show are now all set to taking wedding vows. People are eagerly waiting for them to get married soon. Stay tuned with us for more latest news and updates!

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