BMC Slams Notice to Shahid Kapoor for not being able to prevent Dengue !!

The BMC officials, had warned people to take care of their surroundings , to see if rainwater doesn’t get accumulated in their places , since that could lead to mosquito breeding grounds,which exactly happened in this case. The two neighbours of actress Vidya Balan, failed to notice this and hence they will be penalised for the same.
“Meera Patel (Vidya’s other neighbour) and Shahid Kapoor have been prosecuted under Section 381 (B) of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888. The fine ranges from Rs 2,000-10,000 but it is decided by the metropolitan magistrate,” added Rajan.
Coming back to Vidya Balan, she was diagnosed with dengue only yesterday. There is nothing to worry as she is under observation and will be fine soon”, our source informs.
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