BMC Slams Notice to Shahid Kapoor for not being able to prevent Dengue !!

You will be surprised to know that mosquito breeding grounds were found one on the upper floor and other on the ground floor. Two of her neighbours, including actor Shahid Kapoor, have been served notices by the BMC on Friday, for failing to prevent breeding of aedes aegypti mosquito inside their apartments on Juhu Tara road.
 According to a report in Times of India, during BMC’s insecticide department surveillance drive, they happen to find mosquito breeding ground inside Shahid’s swimming pool that was apparently lying unused.  BMC insecticide officer Rajan Naringrekar revealed, “On the upper floor, one breeding ground was found in the plastic flower pot holder, another inside the tarpaulin shade built for the monsoon on the attached terrace. The ground floor breeding spot was inside the defunct swimming pool, in which the rainwater had accumulated, creating favourable conditions for mosquitoes to breed.”
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