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Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Monalisa ‘ s Lesbian Video Is Going VIRAL


Monalisa has been the talk of the town ever since she entered in the bigg boss 10 house as  a celebrity contestant. Her claim to fame was starring over 50 bhojpuri films. Weeks after she entered in the house, her closeness with Manu Punjabi in the house became the most most talked thing outside the house. Her alleged boyfriend/fiance blamed Manu Punjabi for creating miff between him and Monalisa. 

“I am sure if Mona gets to know all the stuff that Manu said when he was in the secret room, she will walk out (of the relationship). When I met her, she seemed very scared and confused that I have left her, and I feel Manu had a big role to play in creating that misunderstanding,” Vikrant said to media.

Monalisa’s Boyfriend Confronts Manu Punjabi In Bigg Boss House!

This is not it as we found something more about Monalisa that you might have never expected.

 Mona Lisa has done some hot scene not with actor but with an actress. In other words, this bigg boss 10 contestant has seduced an actress in front of camera. We wonder how other member of M3 gang (Manu and Manveer) will watch this video of their best friend Mona.

Bigg Boss 10: Monalisa Slams VJ Bani, After Watching A Shocking Video!

Watch the video below:


The actress sounds to be speaking in bengali and the video quality is a proof that this scene might be bart of some b or c-grade film. For such video type â€œMona Lisa Lesbian scene”, or “Bengali lesbian sex scene antara biswas” and you will find it.

Monalisa Reveals That Her Career Is At Stake Due To Bigg Boss 10

Guess what will be the reaction of other contestant of bigg boss when they will watch this video of their housemate Monalisa. Leave your views below in the comment and for more news and gossip stay tune to Filmymantra.



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