Astonishing Facts about Somy Ali!

1990s Bollywood Actress and writer Somy Ali who had been a part of movies in that era disappeared from the limelight all of a sudden. But today she is doing huge back in the States. The Pakistani actress, who after quitting her Bollywood career moved back to Florida, is very much at peace with her social activities.

Some facts that are unknown about this Bollywood celebrity presented in short.


Here she adds to the list of Salman’s love tales. Somy Ali was in a relationship with Salman Khan for 8 long years. News is that they broke up due to Salman’s aggressive behavior. News is that Salman out of anger once even broke a bottle on Somy’s head. However, Somy had admitted that the media reports got it all wrong. Somy says that Salman was against her trying alcohol for the very first time and spilled it all over the table but there was nothing like breaking a bottle on her head. Somy even denies Salman’s abusive behavior in the relationship.


The main reason on why Somy broke-up with Salman Khan was because of his closeness to his co-star of ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ Aishwarya Rai.

As a teenager Somy Ali had a huge crush on Salman and was mesmerised by  him. That was the reason behind her venturing into movies. The crush led her to leave Florida and move to India and join films just so she could find him and get married to him.


The actress came from a Pakistani household. She revealed that she had witnessed physical abuse at the age of 5 by a house-help at home.


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